1. My birthday is in a few weeks and everyone is bugging me with the question "What do you want for your birthday?" This is giving me a big headache because I don't know what I want. Other than that, my graduation is 2 weeks after my birthday and they asked me the same question! I don't know what to do! I can't just say I want CASH!! lol I don't know what I want or like anymore. Can someone help me please?! What's hot? What cute? what nice and useful? This is driving me crazy!!!
  2. iTunes Gift Card
  3. Hmmm...how about gift certificates or gift cards from a store you like?
  4. A handbag ;) choose a really expensive one and tell them to all pitch in and make a combined graduation/birthday gift.. and if they can afford it ask them to buy a few :p

    what I really want right now is a Tiffany & Co. semi-precious stone ring. I'm going through this semi-precious stone phase and I'm digging Tiffany's.

    If you really want cash and they're your good friends just tell them so. I would.
  5. American Express gift debit card. So you can shop in a few stores and buy what you would have liked to be given without the pressure.
  6. UM I am in the same situation, people keep nagging me and I have no idea to tell these people that ill just take their money or a check, haha!!!?!?!?

    I said something to keep all my bags on!
  7. One quick idea: Tell everyone you'd just LOVE gift certificates from your hair salon.

    Then when you need a hair "pick me up" you always have the funds!
  8. I hate to go all "Miss Manners" on ya but it is poor etiquette to ask for money. As far as asking for anything else it's Ok to say you would love a such-and-such but not in a way that would imply you will be upset or offended if you don't get it.
  9. Gift cards work well
  10. I'm all about money!
  11. I sooo wish I had this same problem (there was a time when I really had nothing I really wanted, now the opposite is true)...now there are just too many things that I want! Not that I could tell others exactly what I want, they would be like...:wtf: ...you can ask for a gift card to a store you like... if you are not sure so that in your own time, you can go and look around and choose your own gift and get something that you do actually like... there's also giftcertificates.com...you can ask for their SuperCertificate which can be "traded" online for a store or stores of your choosing!
  12. Wooo yes amex gift card!! u can use it anywhere!! =) as good as cash!!!

    oR nice bag or classic jewelry.

    you mean there is nothing that you lust/desire/covet/desperately want?!?!

    WOW i'm the total opposite and no one's offering to buy me presents!! Grr. i need to learn from you!
  13. ITA! You can shop almost anywhere with the Amex card.
  14. NM gift card :smile:
  15. haha im in the same dilemma as you! birthday is in the end of april and i have no clue what i want. everything i want is way way too expensive to ask my friends for ... so i think i might just ask for food haha. might sound stupid but i :heart: LOVE pastries. i'd probably also ask them to get me certain books i like. you could ask for things you would need after graduation ... like maybe career stuff?