I your help please vote VN kelly 28 or VN Birkin 30?

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Which ?

  1. VN Birkin 30cm

  2. VN Kelly Sellier 28cm

  3. Forget it just save your money for a trip to Paris and FSH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. OK, So as many of you know I am a VN gal all the way... So, if I have larger VN 35cmBirkin alreadyand I've done the 32 andthe 36cmVN HAC's already and I have a choice only between a VN Kelly 28cm and VN Birkin 30cm which should I choose? And why? please vote:o)Thank you.
    My stats 5'6"125#

    Looking for a smaller day bag... I don't need to carry much:o)
  2. 28 kelly. I am a kelly fan too.
  3. ^^ exactly what LQYB said!!
  4. Lucky to find either. I think you should go with the Kelly.
  5. If boththe kelly and the birkin would be the same colour as your existing 35cm birkin, I would go for something else in a different colour like Ebene Barenia Kelly .
  6. Go with the Kelly!!! :love:
    The Birkin would be great as well, but since you already have a larger Birkin...

  7. the kelly-a 30 is such an often difficult size.............a 28 kelly is the prefect day bag
  8. Looks like the Kelly 28cm is winning...I was liking the idea of My Birkin 35cm being carried as a tote and the Kelly 28cm as a proper handbag...they would look nice carried at once too right?
    I think allI will need to carry is my keys,cell, kelly wallet (I know over kill) and a Karo :o)
  9. I think the Kelly is calling!
  10. You wont regret a Kelly - it is such a classic.
  11. Docride it is because of you that I am a lover of the VN. I vote for the Kelly!! Go get it and post pics!
  12. I'd go for the Kelly. A strap is a nice option for a day bag!
  13. I didn't vote because I think you can't go wrong either way. The choice is if you are 100% a Birkin girl or if you think you'd enjoy a Kelly. You'll be picking a winner with either one!!!
  14. Kelly! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:Kelly! :dothewave:

    **disclaimer: Crochetbella is a Kelly nut**

    But I think you'd love it as a handbag! :heart:
  15. kelly - its a different look and feel and sense of history, but with your beloved VN

    its like the audrey hepburn of the west (I mean that in a good way)