I you could choose one bag to get and keep ...

  1. Ladies and Gents - It seems there are those bags you get and then trade and those you get and keep. After reading about individual quests for elusive bags and/or colors - and questing myself... I've begun to wonder....

    I you could choose one bag to get and keep - and all the bags made from 2001 to present were displayed in front of you - and they were all equivalent in quality - what would you choose? Has the color not been made yet??

    Does practicality win out or colors that give happy chills down the spine? And, everyone gets cookies!

    I would love to have/see a celadon green/blue work. Not in existance yet but I can hope.

  2. Mine would definitely be Rouge Theater (which I have) and a '03 Olive (:drool:)!
  3. for me, i'd go with practicality all the way...i've ended up selling some gorgeous colors because they just end up sitting in my closet....yet, I would NEVER ever part with my black city...it would be the last city standing!
  4. I don't have a beautiful red - a lovely rich vibrant true red. I think that would be a great one to get and stay in the collection long term. I guess that would be the 04 Red or the Rouge Theatre?
  5. I think the '04 Red is considered a "true red" but my favorite is RT!
  6. ANYTHING IN 05 Turquoise!!!! That color makes me weak in the knees, lol
  7. Well, I love both French blue and Vert Gazon colors so it's a tie. I have an amazing turquoise color bag that's not Balenciaga and a beautiful red bag that is identical in color to Balenciaga rouge vif so even though these are hot colors, I know I can get them elsewhere for less. I have never seen anything like FB or VG colors anywhere.
  8. hands down it would have to be my black city.
  9. um....already made is the vert gazon day w/ggh and if it wasn't made already, it would be a day in the color of rain clouds. i was outside and saw the color of some storm clouds before it rained and loved the color.
  10. Right now, I'd go for a jaune twiggy because I can't find one :crybaby:
  11. I have to say, I would fight tooth and nail to keep my Apple Green Twiggy. It is my favorite somehow!!!
  12. Whatever happens, my Calcaire Twiggy will stay with me long :p
  13. Um, this doesn't exist, but it'd be 03 Red Work...Ummmm:drool:
    My ultimate baggy:heart:

    From what I own, I think it'd be my 03 Olive twin(City and WE):heart:
  14. Ahhhh...hard choice....but if I have to pick only one, it would have to be my ink city. :yes: It's practical, but I am in awe of its ever changing colors!!:heart:
  15. i would love to have a brand new mint black flat brass first from 2001. :biggrin: but a seafoam or pumpkin first would be almost as lovely. :smile: