I wrote Dog the Bounty Hunter and Baby Lyssa.

  1. I'm planning on going to Hawaii for my birthday in January with my DF and we always wanted to go see him at his office. Dog was in the neighborhood before (Bay Area, CA) but we didn't see him. So I didn't want to be rude by just showing up like other people have and sticking my nose agaist the windows priying at them like animals at the zoo. It's a business, they have a job. I thought it would have been nicer if they had a heads up I was coming. Instead of just dropping everything last minute ya know?? I haven't recevied an email back yet. But from their website they did give Baby Lyssa's offical Myspace. I wrote her once, then wrote her again. She answered,

    "we cant really say when we will be there in the office or not, things change fast, but our store is right next door also."

    :sad: So does that mean I can't see them?!?! BOO!! Or is it that she wants me to buy some souvenirs from the shop?? :crybaby:
  2. ummmm, please tell me that you're kidding:confused1:. You want to see that racist, mullet wearing, terrible skin having nincompoop?

    Hawaii is so beautiful, don't ruin your trip
  3. i do agree that it's wrong of him for what he said. i was really upset when i heard that, but i really adore his family. esp. leland. sucks he has to be racist, but its fine by me if he wears a mullet and has bad skin. (lol) i dont think the rest of his family is like that, (if obviously his son dates out of his race) maybe just Dog?
  4. When I was in Hawaii in July we asked our shuttle driver about him and he said that Dog is almost never in his office even though the show makes it seem like he is. It really shouldn't but I always get disappointed when "reality" shows aren't anything like they betray.
  5. ITA!! Lyssa replied in a message that it's hard for them to tell when they are going to be in. I'm thinking maybe its because they are always chasing people?? It's said that Leland is now in charge of the main DaKine Bail Bonds.

    (hope you had fun in july!!)
  6. It would make sense that they are always out working.I'm a big fan of the show, I have always wanted to meet Beth and Lyssa. I hope you get to meet them and take lots of pics! I did have fun in july but it was hot, january will probably be perfect weather.
  7. yah its SUUUUPER hot in january! the heat and humidity is too much for me in the summer. i was suppose to move there for the summer, my aunt kept buggin me. but i cant. ill have a bloody nose every day! (heat does that to me!) i went this january for my bday again, and its so funny. i left CA in a fur jacket, and got there and it was 92 degrees! i didnt bring like any flip flops or tank tops. i had to shop. what a good excuse! ahahahaaa!
  8. my thoughts exactly :s
  9. I actually dropped by after hours once by accident without knowing. I never heard of the show before but my tour bus broke down and over heated and 3 of us DESPERATELY had to pee and they were the only place that would let us in to use the bathroom.

    I was waiting my turn and saw a bunch of displays and stuff for sale and asked about it and they told us they film there but I had never heard of them before.

  10. exactly, dont waste your time. go see a REAL celebrity. lol
  11. Some of these comments are really harsh. Simmer down please.

    And you all know our stance on politics- don't try to slide it in, keep it out please.
  12. its not that i want to meet a celebrity, i just really enjoyed and admire what he did for a living. (his personal life is his personal life. it doesnt effect the fact he does a good job at his job).
  13. It was definitely an entertaining show! I'd be trying to visit too, if I were in your shoes. Hey, vacations are made for having fun and just doing what you wanna' do, right? Hope it works out and you get a lot of cool pictures! ;)
  14. thanks! im trying to go every year for my bday ever since i found my long lost aunt (and family) there. i went this year, and im going again this january. this past january i didnt get to go because i was sooo busy visiting with family and soaking in at the beaches. you can bet ill still be at the beach, but i also just wanna make this oooooone little stop! :yes:

  15. ONE comment in this thread is really harsh and actually quite slanderous. Yes we all know the stance here on politics and it's enough to make me not want to come back if ignorant posts like the one about the President here are still showing in a post. If were not allowed to slide it in then why is it still showing?

    Why wouldn't such a nasty post like that be removed? I have a good idea why as the atmoshphere on this board is ultraliberal. Megs, you could have very easily removed that post like all the others that get edited that are far less offensive. The post is offensive, nevermind absolutely ignorant.