I Wrote A Poem For You...

  1. Laugh if you will, or enjoy it and smile. But, I wrote you a poem (it just took a while.) Yes, I write silly poems when the mood takes hold. Some are awful and boring, but a few are pure gold.

    An Ode To My Handbag

    Keeper of secrets
    Secure and discreet
    From boardroom to ballroom
    Without missing a beat

    Soft, luscious leather
    Or feathers and beads
    My obsession has grown
    tPF plants the seeds

    With every season
    New collections abound
    The colors, the styles
    More treasures are found

    Need a mint or an aspirin
    I have it right here
    My bag is a treasury
    I embark without fear

    All I could need
    All I could want
    I’ve got it inside
    My bag is a font

    Now the piping is wearing
    The strap a bit frayed
    I’ll move on, choose another
    The day I get paid!

  2. Great poem, LOL. You write it well.
  3. Wow! You wrote that?!? It was great!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Cute & True
    Good for You!
  5. Oh! I think that is sweet! We need to set it to music so we can hum it all day!! :heart:
  6. haha awesome
  7. Your poem is wonderful. I especially like the words "Keeper of secrets, Secure and discreet". How true is this. Your purse not only is an extension of your personality, but it also holds many things that also define you. My husband says that my purse is sort of sacred and personal, that's why he never ventures into it.

    You did a beautiful job. Kudos!!!!
  8. mombug! I was just going to say the same thing about sacred ground. Every time I tell my husband that he can go "in there" and get what he needs, like cell phone, or a receipt for something, etc., he ASKS for permission anyway. I keep tellling him that I don't have any secrets, but he laughs and says that when he was a boy growing up at home, his mom's purse was a forbidden place, and she drilled in to him that it is a very private woman place. :yes: Needless to say, it stayed with him for years!! Interestingly, I go into his wallet all the time without asking for permission....like for extra dollars. He doesn't care either. So, this lovely poem really hits home!!
  9. I love it!! Too cute, it had me smiling! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Really great!!!!
  11. :tup:
  12. Compass Rose, you are too funny. So true, the wallet is fair game, but the purse. . . . don't go there!!!!
  13. A potential TPF theme tune me thinks!
  14. Excellent poem!
  15. Hmmm...what next? Maybe a poem about why I need 47 pair of black shoes? The various virtues of lambskin, perhaps? LOL!!