I would love to see....

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  1. photos of the Balenciaga store in NY, does anyone have photos? is it big? or fancy?
    I would love to see it:p or even the one in Paris!!
  2. I think someone posted photos in a thread within the last few months. Try doing a search maybe?
  3. I could not find any:sad:
  4. oh thanks I couldn't find anything:p
  5. Also, if you go to the Balenciaga Web site, click on Stores and Locations ...they have photos of the interior of the store empty (for the most part) or with just a few clothes.
  6. thanks highgloss, I will look. But the outside of the store is not very sexy, not what I had expected at all:confused1:
  7. It's totally contrary to what you'd expect. Very industrial chic.
  8. Is that actual GRAFFITI on the building? Wow...the outside is totally not what I would have envisioned either!!
  9. that's BALNY??

    wow not at all what I have imagined :smile:
  10. I actually laughed when I saw that pic... I thought it was a joke.

    Maybe the graffiti is their 'look' :lol:
  11. Where on earth is the name Balenciaga, so you know where you are? I havent seen a shop like that before!