I would love to know

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  1. Wow, I never even saw that auction. I would love to know too. ..:wondering
  2. there was another one the day before, for ten bags in 5 different prints and all different styles. that one sold for less, i don't really know why. what worries me is that after it ends, they keep selling tokidoki bags, kind of makes you think that even though they say that it's 'all packed up' before the auction ends, it isn't really....
  3. I wonder where do these sellers get their large number of toki bags from......
  4. ^^I think they're both (?) located near the LSS distribution center. I know at least one of them is. They're both great sellers. :yes:

    &I hope the winners are members or join & post what they received, too!!
  5. this is so mysterious!
  6. but i thought there' s no individual reseller.