I would love some help deciding


which color with GSH and which with RH

  1. tomato with GSH and black with RH

  2. black with GSH and tomato with RH

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  1. I am pretty new here and trying to decide on my next purchase. I am on the waiting list at BalNY for a tomato with GSH and I wanted to get a basic black from the new fall 07 leather as well because I have heard such great things about it. Both would be in the day style because I find it so comfortable and perfect for my lifestyle.

    Here is the question. I want only one with GSH and am rethinking whether it should be the tomato or the black. So the option is tomato with GSH and black with RH or
    black with GSH and tomato with RH.

    Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. i think black and silver are a fantastic combo and tomato and brass are a good match too. i have a vif so i am partial to the reds.
  3. ITA - GSH would make the black really POP and the tomato doesn't need any help with that!
  4. Agree!
  5. I would go the black with GSH as well.
  6. i like black & silver better than tomato and silver
  7. :tup:

    Nic says it well!!

  8. My Tomato coin purse has RH and it looks wonderful!!! The lighter colors like that look better with RH than the darker IMO. If you check my old posts that I started, you can see my Black Brief with the SGH. It looks unbelievably fantasic together!!!
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. That's exactly why I was rethinking the combinations. I think the silver might look fab on the black.
  10. Black with GH & tomato with RH
  11. I just love the tomato w/GSH ... after seeing that "sneak peek" pic...I would have a hard time giving that up.
  12. Ditto :yes:
  13. I'm going to be in the minority here but I'm not crazy about the Black with SGH. But I love the Tomato with the Silver. So Black with RH/Tomato with SGH gets my vote!
  14. i think black with RH is just sooo classic... you cant go wrong... not a fan of the SGH on black... saw it IRL yesterday the SGH I mean and I'm a little disappointed.... but the tomato will look FAB with SGH or GGH... I much prefer the GGH though...
  15. I have to say, I'm with addicted and cracker on this one. Keep the classic a classic: black w/ RH. I don't have a pic of the day with GSH but I have it in a PT...it's FAB:tup:. I'm thinking of this combo in day too.[​IMG]