I would love some advice ...

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  1. I'm new to the Bal forum, coming over from the CL forum, and have been researching the color Bal bag I want. I've decided I don't want black or grey because the other colors are so yummy and are what makes me want a Bal in the first place.

    I've found a 2010 light olive GSH City and absolutely love it, put it in my 'basket', but just before I typed in my CC authentication number, I thought I should ask you girls who have much more experience with Balbags what you think of that color. I think it's very pretty and very neutral. I just don't want it to be too 'in your face', if you know what I mean. I'm not a 'spring chicken' by any means, and don't want to look like I'm old trying too hard to look young.

    If any of you who've seen 2010 light olive IRL will tell me what you think, I'd appreciate it so much. I've noticed this is a difficult color to find, so wanted to grab it as soon as possible if the's bag for me.

    I totally thank you for any advice!
  2. It is a great color! Go for it!
  3. I think 2010 Olive is a beautiful color!
  4. Love it! I think it is a really neutral color...not wild at all.
  5. Amazigrace, I just purchased the exact bag you're looking at: 2010 Light Olive GSH City! To be honest, when it arrived about 2 weeks ago I was a little nervous that perhaps it was too "Spring-y" for October in the Northeastern U.S. But I was so in love with the bag and with the gorgeous color that it really began to annoy me to have spent so much $$ on a purse that would spend the next several months resting in its dustbag, so on Tuesday of this week, I switched over. And I have NO regrets.

    Yes, it is a lively green, but not too citrusy. I am 50 years old, and teach in an elmentary school, so I'm not living a high-fashion lifestyle. I tend to wear conservative/comfortable/somewhat funky clothing -- lots of white Talbots blouses and J.Jill black skirts/pants. The light olive is more lively and interesting than black (c'mon, 99% of women carry black purses!) but not as bold as a red, orange, or bubblegum pink...

    The Giant Silver Hardware looks spectacular against the green leather, btw. Hard to know what your style is, but I think anyone could rock this combo. It is beautiful! And if you want to drool some more?
  6. beth, and everyone else, thank you so much for
    your opinions. Especially the picture, beth. I
    just really love this handbag - there's something about
    the color I love. I know we're supposed to go with our
    gut, and mine is telling me this is the bag for me! You
    girls on here are awesome, and I really appreciate it.
  7. That is a gorgeous verstile green that you can definitely wear all year round. Go for it, it's so worth it.
  8. congrats on your 1st of the many!!!
    it's a beautiful shade of green and with GSH, go for it!!!!
  9. I have this color in a rose gold city. It's a really pretty green, not in your face at all. I am the same age as you and never liked green very much until I saw Vert Thyme (from 08) and Light Olive which are very neutral and can be worn year round. If I didn't have Vert Thyme SGH I would have purchased Olive with SGH but went with RGGH instead.
  10. i've never seen it IRL amazigrace, but i imagine it would be a great neutral color! please post pics when you have them!!!
  11. Don't think you could go wrong with that bag. I would get it.
  12. Amazing combo and very versatile color. I'm looking for a clutch in the light olive myself! Can't wait to see your new bag! :woohoo:
  13. amazingrace, I have not seen it in real life either, but the pictures looks amazing! I think it would fit with your needs beautifully. Great posts here to help you decide.

    It is beautiful, heavens that leather and the GSH really compliment each other. I would go for it!

    Please post back with pix if you do get her. :smile:
  14. Hey girlie!! I am here, too!! Staying away from shoes (FOR NOW). I really like this color and will love to know that you got it!! Please, be my inspiration!!!
  15. All this makes great sense. You would be so much fun to teach with, the teachers I work with are slobs and getting nicely dressed is a waste. (Even though I still do it.)

    To the OP - you are right to go with your gut. It's neutral but not drab. It's an interesting colour too but not over the top, there's her olive bag again.