I would love it if someone would help me. :)

  1. Hey guys! I have never bought a louis vuitton before, but I'm interested in the speedy bag, so I need your guy's help finding one reasonably priced either on ebay or elsewhere. I really like the multicolored ones the most, but are they the most expensive? I hate to be niave! :P THanks much for the help in advance!!!
  2. you should look through ebay, and if you have any authenticity questions, to post the link to the item on the "authenticate this" thread.

    and welcome to tPF!
  3. the Multicolore Speedy retails for $1800. of course, there's nothing like buying a brand-new bag, but if you're on a budget, then there are usually come good deals on eBay
  4. The multicolor is definately more expensive. It runs retail US$1800 while the mongram speedy runs US$595 and up. Search e-bay and post under the autenticate this thread and people will tell you whether the bag is fake or not. There are a ton of fakes on E-BAY. If you want to purchase from an authorized dealer and you live in the US check out Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY

    Happy hunting!
  5. Thanks much guys! Gosh I really love the multicolored ones...why are they so much more? Is there a particular reason? :P
  6. hi there! I have one and comparing it to a normal speedy, you'll definitely see that more work has been done on it.... Most MC Speedy 30s are made in France whereas the others are often made elsewhere.... not that this matters, but some people care. This also might have to do with the fact that the Multicolore line started out as a LIMITED EDITION collection. You'll see a lot of other details too like the inside alcantara lining (very luxe indeed!), mucho more hardware, pop-out pocket in the front, 2 S-lock closures, clochette.......etc
  7. buyer bewaren ebay
  8. This is just my opinion....but if I was getting my "first" LV piece...I would not want a used one or one that I would not be sure if it was real or not...why not get a cles, or an accessory pouch? They were my first pieces and I still adore them and they are very special. :yes:
  9. Hello and welcome! The Speedy is a great bag, especially in multicolore!! However, it really is much more expensive than the monogram one. In my city the monograms (25, 30, 35 etc.) retail for 400 Euro and above, whereas I bought my MC speedy for 1220 Euro last year! But there's nothing like having an MC speedy, you'll never ever get bored with it and even though I rarely use it I don't regret buying it. The shiny hardware, the press locks, the golden corners, the clochette, the alcantara lining....wow, it's breathtaking! It depends though if you want something that really stands out as this one does in comparison to the monograms. The latter are more classic and casual, whereas the MC is an eye-popping piece of art. Beware of ebay and let fellow members authenticate the item first. Good luck with your choice!

  10. 'Tis why you ask questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky above before purchasing. ;)