I would love a .....

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  1. magenta make up clutch. Or something small in magenta :drool: I am getting a violet make up clutch but I would LOVE one in magenta...... Even a coin purse or a money wallet :nuts:

    What would you love????
  2. a jaune make up clutch in RH
    '05 teal coin purse
    '04 eggplant coin purse

    and just any bright color in small accessories, really.
    i love small pops of color.....it's enough to attract the eye but yet not too overwhelming.
  3. I would love a coin purse in Magenta!! I saw a PFer who has this and it is adorable !! :heart:
  4. I want a Marigold make up clutch or the First.:graucho:
  5. I would also love something in eggplant.


    I really want something small in magenta. Waaa :crybaby:
  6. i would really love a ROUGE THEATRE DAY!! :drool:
    i don't think i'll ever find my HG :crybaby:

    also, after seeing crackers post, i'm lusting after a clutch - must make a note to call BalNY, or just be strong :rolleyes: and wait for the violet make up to come in...
  7. can I say something that never existed?
    I'd LOVE to have a bubblegum pink oval!!!!
    If I had to chose from existing things Bal made, I'd love a city in all the 03 colors!
  8. Exactly what you would like..............Magenta make up........haven't seen one in months now.
  9. ...a black Day with AMAZING leather

    ...a black city w/pewter HW

    ...a seafoam first
  10. I would love a lilac city and a greige twiggy:jammin:
  11. I agree JudieH....I would die for any small accessory in Magenta.
  12. I would loveeeee a magenta day!!!!