I would love a Burberry wallet!

  1. I would really die for a Burberry wallet, but was wondering if there was anywhere that I could find one for a really good deal?!?

    Thanks sooo much :smile: :smile:
  2. Depends on your location really,but if you are any where near cheshire, there is a fantastic Burberry outlet shop at Cheshire Oaks, take a girl-freind and make aday of it there are loads of other shops there,mostly outlets!!! Good Luck!!!
  3. I got this,its not to everyones taste,but it cost £45 quid and holds LOADS of stuff!!
    PS I have seen loads of pink,blue and usual check,leather bags,umbrellas,clothes their stock does seem to change quite frequently,and being an outlet,obviously when its gone its gone etc (maybe I should approach them for commision lol!!!)
    my collection of stuff!!!! 015.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 017.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 018.JPG my collection of stuff!!!! 020.JPG

  4. Oohh I am actually in Canada! So it might be a bit out of the way!! Where is Chesire btw?
  5. Hahaha!! your not kidding its abit out of the way!!! Sorry for giving you false hope!!! Cheshire is in the UK,my geography is rubbish,but if I said between Liverpool and Birmingham you may find it on a map(terrible I know,this country is so small compared to Canada and my geography is so poor!) Sorry for the dead lead,your box on the side of the screen with your name in did'nt say where you are from,otherwise I would'nt have got your hopes up!!!!Good luck with your search hunny!!!!xx
  6. goto a burberry outlet and see if they chargesend

    i got my candy check burberry wallet for $80 on sale at a burberry outlet

  7. HEHE i loveyour avatar

    What does chagesend mean?

    The closest outlet for me is 4 hours across the border :crybaby:

  8. I am from Canada too and I got a REALLY great deal from costco.ca it was 70% less then it was at holt renfrew.