i would like to thank kaka & tammy

  1. for their neverending support during those difficult times prior to....purchasing my first lv! :biggrin: ok, no academy award, but my prize did arrive today and she is a beauty! i was worried about the size but it is perfect. i opened the box and carefully unwrapped my birthday present and my breath was taken away...

    i took pictures and realized afterwards that i need to clean my mirror and had to contort myself to decrease the flash.

    kaka & tammy815, thank you for your suggestion of the chelsea. i would not have given it a second look thinking it would be enormous.

    ok, now i'm hooked.
    lv 004.jpg
  2. Great bag! and cute shoes too!!
  3. SO NICE!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  4. Great bag!! Congrats!
  5. Congrats, it looks great !
  6. Great bag, congrats on the chelsea.
  7. I love it & it's a great size! congrats
  8. great bag and kudos to our wonderfully helpful members!
  9. Yay you got the chelsea congrats! :love: You will love that bag it fits a lot and its definitely a classic :love: :heart: your welcome simbadog :P its a coincidence im also using my chelsea today :lol:
  10. ohhh love your shoes too :smile:
  11. Congrats! I love it! I'm so glad you like it.

    It's pouring here today (good old Alberto blowing through) and I was just thinking how I really need to just break down and order a Chelsea, so that I'll have a zippered, Damier bag that I won't have to worry about in the rain.

  12. It looks great on you.
  13. Ohhhhhhh, I feel a sudden urge to charge....
    Gorgeous classic bag!
  14. I love that bag!!! I hope it will be my next purchase too.
  15. I love that bag!! do you mind sharing the cost?? You look fab with it on and your shoes :smile: