I would like to share my WHITE BIRKIN!!

  1. HI ladies!!

    Those are pics for my white birkin. My relative picked up the bag for me and took it to hk, so I will pick it up in 10 days time when I start my holiday at hk! She kindy took some pics for me.. I LOVE IT.. SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL !!

    on the other hand, she also got herself a black birkin which is a true beauty!!! I hope you all enjoy the photos!!

    The only think I am worrying about it... the white beauty might be too easy to get dirty.. I worry about the handle will turn yellow or dark after a few times of usage... and I worry the jeans color will transfer to the birkin :P Anything I can do to protect my birkin? like any sort of leather spray??
    my birkin.jpg My birkin0.jpg My birkin1.jpg My birkin4.jpg My birkin6.jpg
  2. Hi ChloeSS
    May i ask where did your relative get it? and when did you order it

    My store manager said to me a while ago Paris stop taking order for white birkin :huh:
  3. BTW,white birkin is really stunning:heart:
  4. Gorgeous! What a beautiful Birkin family :heart:33
  5. lovely!!
  6. That is really, really beautiful. Congrats!
  7. Judyh,

    I bought my white birkin from australia and I didnt order it, my bf rang up for me and found out they just got a cancelled order. so I get it straight away. since my relative is going to australia for holiday that time, so she picked it up for me.

    at the moment, I still have a orange and black birkin on order, the manager told me it took around 1.5 to 2 years.
  8. Chloe....what a beautiful bag! Congratulations! I'll bet you can't WAIT to get her!!!!! Enjoy her and wear her in good health!!!
  9. Chloe - which store? Sydney??
  10. it is soooo beautiful!!!! congrats!!!!
  11. Congratulations!!!
  12. Chloe
    dont forget to claim GST back,its about one thousand aussiz dollars:biggrin:

    I rang up Melbourne and Sydney store 2 wks ago,they didn't have any birkins that time

    your bf must got it after me:rolleyes:
  13. that's a beauty, congrats!
  14. Judyh,

    My bf rang him around 1 month or more ago, usually they have quite a bit of stock. What leather/ color of birkin are you after? Maybe I can keep an eye for you. are u looking for white birkin too?

    Actually my bf's phone call was regarding a JPG birkin but surprisingly there are white and black birkin available.. so I picked the white and my relative picked the black one. and I still waiting for my JPG.
  15. ChloeSS

    Thank you!

    I am not considering white color at moment as I have a small girl and she is.....make me mad:cry::mad:

    I just made a 30cm black order from my local store(Gold Coast), Im waiting for BJ 30cm which is coming soon, told by store manager and a black 35cm should be here next year hopefully:heart: :heart: :heart: