i would like to share my new love with everyone here!!

  1. :yahoo: :nuts: hi everyone, i came home last night to find this gorgeous wallet on my bed, it's a rose shocking bearn in chevre mysore....my b/f is so sweet for purchasing this gift on our 2yr and 3 month anniversary together!! hope u all enjoy it as much as i do.....
    Picture 005.jpg Picture 006.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 009.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Congrats! Lovely color... : )
  3. sophia, the wallet and boyfriend are keepers:yahoo: ( but, you knew that!!)

    It's beautiful!
  4. Beautiful, congrats!!
  5. Great wallet, great boyfriend! Enjoy both!
  6. How sweet!
  7. That is sooo gorgeous! Enjoy it, and congratulations!
  8. That's lovely, you are lucky to have such a generous bf.
  9. very thoughtful and beautiful wallet
  10. so sweet!
    and so nice!
  11. looooove rose shocking! congrats :smile:
  12. What a gorgeous wallet! Congrats!
  13. ***droooooooolsssss***
  14. Great color! Great wallet! Great BF! Congrats & enjoy!
  15. beautiful