I would like to see a kelly 20 on a 5"5 person

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  1. hihi

    I am trying to decide on a 20 kelly for my mom..

    but i intend to share it of course!


    Is there anyone here who's 5"5" and is petite and doesn't mind showing some modelling pics.. as i want to have an idea

    My size and my mom's are different. She's medium with a bit of chubs.. In a nice way of course :smile: She's 5"4r.. if someone is around this build and doesn;t mind sharing photos, i would appreciate that

    I like the 20.. but she feels it will look ridiculous on her.

    May i know what would be a good size to get? Will the 28 be too big? I usually take my small brolly, wallet, a tightly rolled up yoga outfit, makeup pouch and sometimes a paperback.

  2. LTC, thank you! I love your threads. :biggrin:

    Mave, I think that stuff could fit into a 28. Having said that, I am one of those people who do not do 32s as i feel they look briefcase like on me. I am 5'2", medium build. Here is a pic of my 28 with yoga pants, umbrella and mini bearn card case. The 28 can be closed, no straining, and could fit a tank top too.

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  3. I'm 5.5 ,medium built and have the 32 Kelly but use the 35 more .The 20 and 28 seem tiny to me ....
  4. That is some great packing. I think the 28 is really small.
  5. Here's me with a 25 blue nepal kelly. I'm 5'4.5 :biggrin:

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  6. Here with a 28 retourne black kelly

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  7. I'm 5'4" and bought my 32 Kelly when I was more than a "little" chubs! It was perfect, and now that I've lost 68 pounds, it still is perfect.

    A 25 Kelly is strictly an evening bag or maybe for a daytime wedding. I could also carry a 28 but I prefer the 32. S'Mom is about my height but much more slender than I am and she prefers the 28 - I have her "old" vintage black box 32 Kelly!
  8. oh wow, the 25 look really good on you.
    do you have more action shots with 25 kelly, pretty please?
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    Anin, you are stunningly gorgeous and slim! I'd love to see more action shots too please!

    Tulemar, I wouldn;t normally pack yoga pants in there - its just OP mentioned what she wanted to carry and it got me curious as to what would fit. Full length yoga pants fill the bag about half way up lol.
  10. I am 5'2" and prefer the 32 cm, though I can get away with a 28 cm. Anything smaller looks strange on me.
  11. Thanks bluewin and 880!!!:blush:
    I've only carried the blue 25 kelly twice so far. Once was with the print dress above and the other time with a silver dress. Will look for more pics for you. Or I'll try to find something in the closet to go with it for tmrw night's date with DH. He's been out of town!
    I ought to put the pics in the size thread. Ilovemylife's pics helped me tremendously!
  12. wow.. thanks so much, everyone.. for the useful and detailed info

    i find the picture guides here very useful..

    especially LTC's rehash of the old threads.

    Ok, it now does seem like a 20 is too much of a stretch for me.. my bag of insecurities.. i.e. my makeup pouch alone will barely fit into the 20..

    the 25 seems cute.. but i think a 28 should fit more.. especially given that i could put a yoga outfit in there.. but not with a paperback right?

    i am just worried the 32 might look like a brief case on me (though my mom will definitely approve.. she might even put a bottle of Evian in there).. cos i am quite small-boned (though not skinny).. I actually find the chanel jumbo too overwhelming on me..

    it somehow takes away the guilt factor if i tell myself i am buying this for my mom.. but i would borrow it on occasions! hahaha..
  13. I have mostly 28's with ONE 25cm. I'm 5'3", petite and find the 32cm a bit large on my frame and a bit "boxy". The 28cm is perfect for a daily bag that could easily slide into night-wear and the 25cm I find great as an occasional day/night bag. I usually have to cull what I would normally toss into my 28 down a bit....compact wallet instead of full size, that kind of thing....when using the 25cm.

    I think a 20cm would be QUITE a stretch if you are considering using it for anything more than an "evening" bag.....
  14. INDIA, how's that beautiful, beautiful vintage Kelly doing?????