I would like to lose a little weight, and I need a little bit of help ^ -^

  1. Ok, well I have now decided I am not happy with my weight, and I would like to lose 10Lbs, so I can get down to 8 stone or 112lbs. I am 5'4".
    I know that at my current weight and height I am not overweight or anything, i just want to tone up a little.

    I have never done anything like this before, and I would like to gather some advice and knowledge of the time span I am looking at here! My birthday and Christmas ball are in 1 months time, how much weight do you think I would lose in 1 month?

    I am a pear shape, so i don't really need to do anywork up top, my arms are fine and I have no bust really, so its my hip area that is getting to me!

    I have a twist stepper, which I will start using, and I was wondering do i need to go to the gym to get results, or could i work out a programme at home?

    Also, i eat what I like at the moment, I am a vegetarian which means I do eat a lot of carbs, do you think if i cut down on these it would help my figure?

    I really would appreciate any advice, help as I am a total newbie to this! Any great workouts for bums and thighs would be a god send!:p
  2. i'm trying to do the same as you! tone up and lose 10-15lbs. i would cut down on carbs but don't cut them out. when i go no carb i get really mean, carbs make me happy!
    you def. need cardio and maybe weights--muscle burns fat!
    for bum and thigh try lunges and squats---a workout dvd would be a good idea.
    good luck!
  3. Hiya hun!
    Well if you go to the Gym at the virgin active gyms i know that the give you a one free personal trainer session thing with membership and you tell them what you want to achieve and then they will write up and exercise plan for you that would help you loose the weight that you want to, Good luck!!
  4. I am not pear shaped, but I am cursed with big thighs/butt, LOL... runs in my mom's family, all the women there are like that!

    Actually, I love my butt, it's just my thighs that I'm having a problem with. I don't like steppers, hate STEP classes (makes me dizzy like hell!), and is now on the last resort to try spinning classes.

    We'll see how that goes, but your legs are moving non-stop for 50 mins on spinning class, so that should works... right? LOL

    I don't have any advice pertaining food, not that good in that area. But def do what nolarice said, cardio + weight. I am doing that myself.
  5. you don't need a gym really although weight training could make a huge impact.
    To lose 10 lbs you just need to move your keister! Walk vigorously for 45 mins-1hr everyday and cut out sugars and white breads products/pasta. . . .
    If you eliminate a few calories and increase your cardio you could lose 5-6 lbs in a month.
  6. I mentioned this in another thread so I don't want to seem annoying for believing this exercise is the cure-all for everything FAT, but if you're wanting to work on legs/thighs/hips belly dancing is the way to go. It specifically targets those areas, and it's more fun than walking and jogging so you'll never get bored.
  7. Bike riding is also good for thighs.

    Good luck. I'm in the same boat - I'm not huge but want to lose a bit of weight. But because I'm not "fat" (although I think according to my BMI I am about a kilo overweight), all my friends are like "oh, you look fine, what are you worrying about".
  8. sometimes it's carbs that are the problem but the choice of carbs make sure you are eating grains, whole grain basically brown foods instead of white also if you don't already eat quinoa it's an excellent grain has all essential amino acids which is important for a vegggie and can be used like pasta rice etc.

    Feel free to PM if you want to chat I worked as a fitness instructor/PT for 6 years and studied nutrition