I would like to indroduce to you: my first bag!:D

  1. omg you guys, i FINALLY got the bag i've waited for for sooo long!
    on the evening before my last exam i picked up my phone ans saw i had a voicemail.. and guess who it was? the chanel boutique!(after about 3 months of waiting!)
    they said i had to call them that day because they saw i was on the waitinglist for a bag... but it was allready past closingtime when i listened to the voicemail so i called them the next day..

    i was on the waitinglist for a black caviar jumbo classic flap with gold hardware..(there are waitinglists in almost all of europe) but the bag that arrived was the one with silver hardware..

    i thought i'd check it out any way just to be sure.. because if i didn't get it someone else would..
    at the store i compared it to a smaller black with gold hardware flap.. and turns out i liked the silver one better anyway!!!
    my mom got me a wallet to go with it as a graduation gift too:biggrin:

    soooo... here it is:biggrin:!

  2. :dothewave: CONGRATS~ They are so pretty!
  3. Gorgeous combo!! You must be so happy! Congrats xox
  4. congrats =P. lovely set.
  5. NICE!!!!
    Congrats nddj!
  6. congrats! Perfect first choice.
  7. Congrats!! Love the combo.:tup:
  8. Congrats!I'm on waitinglist fot this beauty too.
  9. Awww, finally! I'm so happy for you! I know you've waited sooo long.
    Many congratulations to you and enjoy, I love both of them, they're gorgeous ;)

    By the way: may I ask you how much that wallet was, I need a Chanel wallet in caviar :p
  10. congrats!
  11. congrats! love it
  12. It is a lovely bag. I also like the zippy wallet that was a gift. How sweet....
  13. thnx everyone!
    and the wallet was about 495-500!:smile:
  14. Thank you :smile:
  15. Congrats on your lovely new items, nddj and on your graduation, of course! Your new bag is just fabulous and your mother has chosen a lovely wallet as a memorable gift to you. They are both just gorgeous!