I would like to clear up the "EXCLUSIONS" issue regarding Legacy bags and other lines

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  1. #1 Aug 24, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
    ...regarding PCE. I sure hope the mods don't move this thread because I feel that most traffic is here, which is why I'm posting this here rather than under PCE!

    I've received a lot of PMs regarding questions and/or problems with PCE exclusions for certain items, and I keep reading a lot of posts that detail this. So I would like to try to clear this up as I know it to be since this is the last day for PCE. This info ultimately came from a district manager. It's possible that states may vary, and this works for PA and NJ...but still the "rules" are really clear and they should not be any different nationwide!

    There seems to be so much misinformation and inconsistencies with stores! Each store has a full and specific "exclusions" list that details each bag...so really there should NOT be so much confusion among stores and SAs (assuming people take the time to read).

    First... ALL accessory items that are not bags (bags begin with a "1" in the style number) are fair game for PCE in all lines, including Legacy. Other than that, Legacy, Zoe, Hamptons, and Hamptons Vintage BAGS are EXCLUDED. IF you want a Legacy Shop exclusive that has to be gotten DIRECTLY from Bleecker Street (i.e. NOT stocked at JAX), then you will NOT be able to use PCE. You can also NOT use PCE at the Bleecker St. store....but you CAN at a gallery store, and a gallery store has some of these items. I'm not sure whether they will honor the discount or not at the gallery store for all items, but you can try!

    There are a few "exceptions" to exclusions for the Legacy line. There are certain other Legacy pieces, including bags, that are stocked at JAX that ARE included. These are the older and recently discontinued 2007 line. There are also SOME Bleecker Street limited edition items and SOME Legacy shop items that can be obtained from JAX....technically because these are NOT on the exclusions list, then they ARE included for PCE (since they are not on the list specifically). So by that I mean some things that you might thing you can't buy, you actually CAN on PCE!

    However, you're not supposed to be allowed to purchase Hamptons, Hamptons Vintage, Legacy (new stuff), and Zoe...although some stores "bend" the rules for the cheap Hamptons bags (carryall and hobos).

    Ok, first of all, if you feel the bag is NOT on the exceptions list, then I would try to buy it and NOT mention the list!! Why ask for trouble and create confusion??? BUT.... Always challenge the store by asking them about the exclusions list if they tell you "no" when you know it SHOULD be included. Sometimes I think particular SAs just are not informed and don't know any better (same with managers unfortunately).

    I had no problem here in NJ ordering a Peyton and Legacy mini skinny on PCE yesterday. I also did price adjustments last weekend at another store for my other Peytons on PCE, and it was no problem. IN that case, I had asked my SA about it and she had verified from the DM that what's not on the list is fair game.

    Of course I realize that some stores can't be "told" any differently, even when they are challenged...but at least you can try is the way I look at it!! I have no problem with rules that are clearly defined, but if I had run into a problem ordering that Peyton yesterday, I would have pushed the issue because my SA read from the exceptions list (and I knew that bag was not listed as an exclusion)! So... I'm just advising everyone to ask to speak to a manager if you have any problems. Some of these PCE issues have been cleared up when the manager contacts the district manager.

    The thing is maybe Coach really didn't intend for us to be able to purchase some of these bags, and they don't want to sell them at PCE price (my guess is the Peyton is one)... but the problem is they shot themselves in the foot by making a specific exclusions list that didn't include some of the bags this time. That means unless they want to be an *ss about it, they are honoring the discount, unless you can't convince them or give in and willingly pay retail. There should be no confusion regarding what is and what is not excluded since the list outlines each bag!

    I feel really bad when I read that so many of you have had problems. I hope this thread helps at least some of you. If you have a problem, I would either try another store or wait till you can contact a real manager and ask that the PCE be extended till tomorrow (or whenever) if need be for you. There are stores (not all) that will extend the PCE a day or two when people are unable to purchase by the end of the event. Good luck!!
  2. Thank you so much for this, baglady39. I almost wish you could do this for every PCE.
  3. good for you! as a SA you really can't push the issue..when I pointed out that the Madison collection wasn't on it and the accessories should be allowed (at the very least if not the entire collection) I was told it was too new and since it wasn't on the floor.. in that case as a SA my hands are tied.

    However I was able to help some get the patchwork tote in shades of brown because even though the zoe version of it was on the list the tote wasn't..I think it's cos while the pattern is new the style itself isn't? even that I kinda had to do
    some "arguing" to get the customer that bag
  4. thank you!

  5. LOL, I wondered about that exact patchwork tote when I saw it at Macy's yesterday and figured there would be some "arguments" regarding PCE! I'm glad to see that some SAs will at least argue the point for the customers, but I know all stores are different in that regard (how tight management is and whether you have license to argue as a SA).

    I even visit a store that will not give me the stock quantities at JAX because they say they are not allowed to do so. I just get "we're low so you should order it now", lol. I can only get the exact count info there when one SA is working. Otherwise, I have to call or go to another store, and I don't argue the point because I know it does no good at that store.
  6. .........

    when the stock gets too low they should offer to check with jax to make sure it's there then if you really want it you could do a fax order through the store

    whenever they say its too low to order I'd ask them if they could call jax and make sure there is one there and do a cbsr order..they should

    they won't get the sale but it's good practice to go above and beyond for your customers and creating loyalty. I'm glad you have at least one SA that would work for you and be truthful, I mean, how many jax has of something isn't really a big secret ;)

  7. Part of it is I think they want to use scare tactics to make a sale. They just told me that's their policy because they don't want to disappoint the customers since JAX stock is sometimes wrong and people get shut out. In one case I know that they had plenty of stock because I checked after I left the store, so I figured it was just the SA rattling off what the manager wanted her to say...or they were using scare tactics to make a sale. Either way, I would not purchase from those SAs.

    I tend to be as loyal as possible to one SA because I believe that loyalty goes both ways (and the service is far better), but it's over an hour's drive for me one way to her new store... so sometimes I use other venues when I would physically have to go to the store to make a purchase. In the case of the PCE, the new store my SA is at has to do credit card imprints in person for PCE sales only (otherwise I just order from her by phone and it's shipped to my house). I can order by phone but still have to come in to finalize it. I know each store varies a little...I liked it better when she was at the other store and I could just do phone orders without coming in for the imprint, but then that store is closed right now for renos to become a gallery store. So I can't win! :P
  8. That's the problem! My SA left, KofP Plaza is closed. So I had to chase down one of the SA's I knew. I would like to get a regular SA again (gosh I miss Chris!)
  9. This is a great post :tup:

    I wish Coach would work on enforcing guidelines across the board so that there's no grey area. I feel bad for the SA's who follow protocol & have to deal with angry customers who know the rules have been bent. PCE seems like it's turning into one big headache... they should just have 25% off sales for a weekend every quarter or something.
  10. great work
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    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
    Thank you! I did not know this. I went in to finally buy an xl Lily after calling Jaxx and noted that they had 3 left in stock. I went to the store, they tried to order it, but said it was sold out. They were really pushing the Peyton, but my :heart: wanted the Lily. The manager was spouting off and I was so angry I left empty handed.
    A few days later I called Jaxx again and found out they still had 3. Again, marched into the same store, asked that same manager to call Jaxx and order it for me. She was not happy. She called , it turns out it was NOT in the system to order through the store, it was at Jaxx, she did a back order and I am picking my Lily at the store today.

    She made a note in my account to do a return and rebuy at PCE discount because it was a backorder. At this point I do not care...she is coming home with me!:woohoo:
  12. Wow, that's great you were able to get one. I had called Jax myself during PCE and the CSR told me that there were none left. I wonder if it's still orderable, even without PCE?

  13. I'm glad you got the bag you wanted and got her to order for you..stores do not like doing fax orders because the sale won't go to them. when she said the system would not let her order it's because the number is so low you could only order through jax directly, if it does go through the system when jax only has three then that means another store is fulfilling the order.

    I'm kinda envious actually..the xl lily is gorgeous..what color did you get?

  14. I ordered the Black! I am so happy, I :heart: her!! I picked her up last night and it was love at first sight! She is huge, just the way I like it . I can't wait for Fall! :yahoo:
  15. Congratulations!

    Lily is a fantastic bag, I hope that you will L:heart:ve her each time you carry her!