I would like opinions regarding preowned bags.

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  1. Last Christmas, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Catogram Neverfull. Unfortunately, I find myself too paranoid to carry it, worrying that I will scuff it or that will will get dirty. I love it and will probably be buried with it, but it leaves me with nothing new to carry. Mostly, I’m not thrilled with LVs new styles, so I’ve been looking at the Realreal because they seem to have good prices and seem to be a trustworthy source for used bags. Part of me wants a unicorn bag and part just wants something big I can carry and flop around and not worry about too much. I guess I should also mention I’m only interested in LV.

    So what are your opinions? Does anyone have experience buying used bags? If so, where? I wonder about realreal because they don’t provide great pics, there don’t seem to be returns, and I’ve seen more incorrectly named or described bags than I’d like. The pros are that they have a huge selection of uncommon bags and prices seem to be OK. I’d like to hear about your experiences.

    What do you think about the Monogram Bulles GM? I’m not a nautical type person but I think it’s really cute.

    What do you think about the Multicolor Noir? I’ve seen a couple of styles I like. I used to not like it but it’s grown on me.

    What are your opinions on the Monogram Etoile?

    A bag I’ve always loved is the Vernis Brea GM in Amarante and I’ve see a few of those around, too. Because of the lack of quality pics, I can’t decide whether the Vernis holds up well. I found a literal like new one on FB but the guy wanted $3200 for it and wouldn’t budge much.

    I’ve also always wanted a Mahina bag. I REALLY want the new Carmel bag in creme but I can’t find it in stock anywhere. I’ve been looking at the used Hobos in XL and larger.

    As far as everyday bags go, I like the Tivoli GM, but there are so many of them out there, I wonder why nobody keeps them. Any ideas? I also like the Galliera GM, the Griet, Sistina GM, Delightful and Beverly GM.

    I’m excited to hear what you have to say!
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  2. First - it probably my won’t help but, if you have a catogram you should show the world! It’s a bag and made to be used. My mom has an amazing LV (Majesteuse I think) and I’ve truly never seen her carry it. Not once. It’s a little bit sad. Nothing personal - just if you need a little encouragement to do so ;)

    I purchased a Empreinte Clés off of The Real Real and I love it. It’s pretty old and there’s a lot of wear but it’s authentic. That said, I bought it specifically because it was a returnable product (compared to other options) and relatively low cost (compared to a bag). I personally would have trouble spending a lot on something I couldn’t authenticate nor return. But I’m sure others have more experiences and I’m curious to know more too!
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  4. I think you should use the bag you own. Life is too short to buy things and not enjoy them!
  5. Agree, plus the bag isn't really worth anything unless you're actually going to sell it.
  6. For preloved shopping I always recommend Fashionphile, especially for LV. I love that they have a lifetime guarantee on authenticity. You will always be guaranteed a refund for any items proved to not be authentic. Plus there are many reputable and well known authentication websites. I personally love the MC noir. I used to think it was tacky but now it’s like I can’t stop looking at pictures of the bags and SLGs. My favorite is the MC Speedy 30 in Noir. I’ve also seen many Vernis Brea and Mahina bags on Fashionphile in excellent to new condition for under $2000.
  7. Thanks. I will check it out. A coworker of mine likes Fashionphile, too.
  8. Those are some bad experiences right away! The more you carry it though, the better it may feel to do so? I have a world tour Neverfull with vachetta that is my work bag - and I definitely check the weather or carry an umbrella every day. Maybe a compact umbrella could help! In the beginning I would also clip in all the cinch straps to make sure they wouldn’t get wet. As time went on I relaxed, especially as the patina started to show. Good luck either way!
  9. Imo you should go for a more carefree everyday bag next. After you have one that you can use all the time/casual then you can add to the LE/unicorn collection. The only reason I say that is despite loving the Neverfull catogram a lot, you don’t tend to use it much for the fear of long term wear and tear. Adding another LE bag will just add to the same conundrum. Once you have a carefree throw around bag, then you can add to your LE collection.
  10. I’ve purchased 3 preloved LV bags. Two were purchased local via FB marketplace (I did an EXTENSIVE amount of research before purchasing) and one from Fashionphile. I agree with previous comment about lifetime authenticity guarantee from FP and it’s now backed by Neiman Marcus which makes me feel more secure in buying from them. The RR got into trouble recently for selling fake Chanel bags (as claimed by Chanel). I’ve not followed up on the details of that claim, but it makes me hesitant to buy from them.
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  11. There are a zillion threads on buying preloved, you should also do a search. The realreal has sold too many fakes for my taste. I also think it's ridiculous to require an account just to view their inventory. I prefer yoogis closet and fashionphile.
  12. I perfer Fashionphile as well. I have purchased all my new styles of LV new from the internet. The only items I have bought "preloved" were styles that have been discontinued. I also agree with the above statements about real Real. I do not like their photos. They are not big enough to see properly.
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  13. I recently went in to Real Real in LA to see a bag and the condition was amazing. The color, however, was listed incorrectly and that was not the only bag there that I had to point that out.

    I say use your Catogram! It makes no sense to own a bag and not use it! If you treat her right and don't abuse her, she'll last you a long time.
  14. I recently bought the Multicolore Noir Speedy 30 and it's fabulous! Yes, definitely buy it and Fashionphile is great.

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  15. I have considered buying "New" listed items from Fashionphile - so you feel that the "New" ones are in fact new? I have sold them handbags but never purchased before. TIA!
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