I would like buy my FIRST Chanel bag...

  1. But am clueless about style names and such.
    I am leaning toward white caviar leather with silver hardware.
    But am worried it will be too hard to care for...
    Does a black version exist? Or possibly a tote?
    Also what size would be good to carry this wallet in?
    Would you lovely ladies post some pics of your recommendations with price info if you know it?

    (My sister bought me this lovely wallet~I haven't ever used it because I think a Chanel wallet deserves a Chanel bag--which I don't have...YET)
  2. Here is one of my favorites..it fits EVERYthing I need and has a zipper pocket along the middle on the inside that separates 2 other compartments. The exact color is navy blue with silver hardware and it's the caviar leather. It runs about $1250 I think? That was about what I paid for it when I got it.
  3. OMG.. that is SUCH a Gorgeous bag!! I have never really thought of a Chanel bag, but this one id TDF!! :love: Very Nice! :yes:
  4. Wow that is a NICE bag and great price for Chanel :smile:
  5. If you want to fit a wallet of that size into a bag, a classic flap isn't really the way to go. What LV suggested is a great idea. Any type of tote would work really. I suggest caviar since it's your first bag.
  6. lol~I'm in love with the white classic flap (small)...So CUTE...I think I will save that wallet for a larger bag...but I'm leaning toward classic flap...
  7. Well I have a large white flap and I love it. It's so cute to wear with a dress or skirt. I would go to Chanel and try it on if that's an option. I haven't had any issues maintaining it, but if you are worried about maintanence issues, then you can try black. However if you are as in love with the white as you seem, you can either try to clean it or have it redyed if all else fails.
  8. A classic flap bag is a great buy for your first chanel!
    Caviar makes it super easy to take care of!! ;)
  9. This is my very first Chanel and I adore it. It is the Black with silver hardware Medallion caviar tote.;)
    DSC03748.JPG DSC03749.JPG
  10. By the way,,,do they still made this style? Sorry to ask a dumb question but I know the styles change and I don't know much about Chanel. If they don't maybe it's better for me...I need to stop buying bags for a while.. :roflmfao: ....
    But still let me know if they make it if they do.. ;)
  11. Lol..I don't believe you haha. The purse ban didn't really work did it ;)
    Anyway I'm sure you can still buy this style, as I only got mine around January/February. I'd have to look at the receipts for exact info but it wasn't that long ago. I think my store (Neiman Marcus in Fashion Valley) still has them..my friend had gotten one for her birthday in May in the light beige color.
    So I know they have beige, navy w/silver hardware and black with gold hardware so I'm not sure of any other colors they might have. Apparently this navy/silver combo was hard to find? That was what my SA had told me anyway :smile:
  12. Yup I saw this bag a few weeks ago at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island? (i think? i am not familiar with where i was on vacation..haha)

    what a great price! hmm i should consider this one as my tote! :love:
  13. LOL... :roflmfao: Do purse bans ever reeeeally work?! ;)
    I try,try try, to be good and even stop looking at LV's. So what do I do, I come over here to the Chanel section and see a Chanel bag that is TDF and .....:::BAM:::

    I am finding myself trying not to " Get just one more bag and that's it.." :nuts:
  14. it comes in ,as lvbabydoll says, navy/silver, black/gold, white/silver, brown/silver, beige/gold.. YES navy/silver was hard to find!
  15. I like the navy/silver...so maybe that's good for me it's hard to find....even though you know I'll still try... ;) :roflmfao: :graucho: