I would like a new black LV

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  1. Is there a good equivalent to the NF MM... In a black (prefer leather) bag ?
  2. The Epi NF comes in black! It's very pretty..
  3. +1
  4. Lumi PM!
  5. +2 Sounds like it would be perfect. If it's too structured though for your liking, check out the other suggestion of the Lumi. Good luck deciding!
  6. The black epi neverfull is beautiful.
  7. Lumi, I love mine
  8. I will have to check out the Lumi. I like the leather on those. I wish the Nf came in vernis too
  9. I have both the epi NF (black) and the Lumi (earth), and between these two, id pick the Lumi. Gl deciding!
  10. The black metis is very sharp.
  11. Opinions on Louis Vuitton Infini Monogram Emprinte Audacieuse MM ?

  12. Is the Infini black or navy?
  13. Navy.. The Noir is black?
  14. Damn
    Found one on Yoogis, it seems pretty close though
  15. The epi Mirabeau is a lovely bag! I love the option of hand held or shoulder. I love mine!!