I would "kill" for an azur speedy 30!!!!

  1. My one and only LV store in the country only got 1 speedy azur for the month of January:wtf: !!!!!! There are like 40 plus people on the waitlist:cursing: ( I didnt waitlist since I didnt like the bag at first but now that I have seen it on some of you I have fallen in love:love: So no that im in love I cant get one:hysteric: :hysteric:
  2. i'm dying to get one too, except i want a 25... just waiting for elux to re-stock. i prefer ordering from them because no tax + ****** and it's delivered straight to my home. very little effort needed on my part, just my credit card! :lol:
  3. Unfortunately Elux doesnt ship international...I sure wish they did. I wonder why they dont......
  4. Hi, just try to order from person who will go for buying-trip. My best friend has 2nd shop here and she's ordering Azur 30 from a friend who's going for buying-trip. Just search it in your country :smile:
  5. i'm dying for one too...
  6. i'm on the wait list for one also...it'll be awhile....
  7. I want one too....though I don't expect it for a while.
  8. I'm on the list for a speedy 30 and noe, the wait is agonizing! :hysteric:
  9. Ok, so don't hate me. I was the very first person to purchase an azur speedy 30 here in Dallas when they first came out. I think it's crazy how they can't get these restocked for yall. I did not think they would become so popular. There was such a short wait list here that I was able to buy one without being on the list. I'm sure you guys will get one soon. I wasn't sure I liked it at first and even thought about returning it. Good luck and keep your hopes up!
  10. Hong Kong is so close, maybe a friend or family is going?
  11. Wow..I didn't know that it's kinda hard to get one..I am so lucky..I almost not getting it at all not until this year.
  12. I have been waiting for it for a while and I am not so sure if I still want it now...

  13. I totally agree with you texas girl. Although I just got mine yesterday:nuts: I think the waiting would eventually kill me:yes: But girls let me tell you, the wait sucks but you'll see its 200% worth it!! Hang tight everyone they'll be out soon!!
  14. The same thing happened to me. I wasn't on a waitlist, but I called the day they were released to the Saks store in LV. I purchased my 25 over the phone and that was it. It is odd that they aren't restocking them quicker.
  15. I agree on the HK suggestion. Or ask someone to buy for you in the States? However, there's a waitlist here, too. I would love to see ladies rocking their Azurs in Manila!