I would give an organ for the python simples

  1. I'm out of luck though aren't I?
  2. No, you're not out of luck. These are still readily available since they are a carryover style. I just saw a pair at Saks today in roccia python and the CL boutiques have them in black python. I am sure that if you call, you will find a pair. They are truly stunning shoes. Good luck finding them and let me know if you need any info like UPC # or an SA recommendation.
  3. as of like a week or two ago the cl boutique near me also had the roccia python. i adore them!
  4. Call your local Saks and see if they can locate them for you. They are floating around :nuts:

    python simples = :love:
  5. sucks that we can't buy python in california.... :sad:
  6. That sounds like an excuse for a road trip!

    Ela, definitely a Saks SA can find them for you, so keep all of your organs!
  7. Why not??
  8. My Saks also had them yesterday in the Roccia Python, good luck they are a fab shoe!
  9. It's some law about pythons being protected in california. if you look on the neiman/saks websites, it'll say, "not available in california." booo....
  10. Hummm...interesting:hrmm:
  11. I hate snakes so if one wants to give up a life for me, I have no problem with that.
  12. ^ Me too. I love the python..but I don't mind leather or suede. I hate snakes THAT much. They are beautiful..but it's still SNAKE. *shudder*
  13. Can I get the style number for Saks python simples *roccia?
  14. think you can't buy them instate but you can get them from other states, it'll be tax free too.

    love the python simple pumps! i tried a pair in bronze metallic and it was total love. i need a pair! anyone knows how much the retail is?
  15. Good thing I'm about to go on a roadtrip! :graucho: