I would be VERY WARY of this Seller, if I were you!

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  1. Man, some people don't know when to quit! Maybe she's hoping enough time has passed or some unsuspecting rube will go for it.
  2. I just looked at her other auctions and that mulberry looks questionable IMO,

  3. Yes, I put a warning on the Mulberry forum and the Kooba forum, just in case!
  4. Can someone post the link to the original thread?

    I'm very curious lol!
  5. Oh dear, I chuckle every time I think of that thread.. it's a long read, but rather amusing. I remember one of the girls found the exact link where Slidegirlcass had enquired about buying the Muse on ioffer.

    Personally I would never do business with this woman, she is not honest and she is known to buy fakes and try and pass them off as authentic.
  6. its removed
  7. WOW, I just read the whole Muse thread. I can't believe they busted her on her other thread talking about spending 100 bucks to display her knockoffs. LOL! When I heard Croc I thought $14k too, not croc embossed. Big difference!!!