I worry about Miss Birkin more than myself!

  1. OK, so is anyone else like this? As many of you know, I just got my first H bag, a 35cm Blue Jean Clemence Birkin. I live in Oregon where it's known to rain occasionally. Well, I can't stand leaving Miss Birkin at home, so I bring her with me where ever I go. And inside, I always carry her dustcover.

    So wouldn't you know, today is a lovely day until this horrible gray cloud unloads 15 minutes of big pebble sized hail and rain! I wait it out as long as I can but I need to get into the office. So I put Miss Birkin in her dustbag, and make a run for it. Unfortunately, I don't bother bringing a coat OR an umbrella and get a bit soaked!

    I take care of my Miss Birkin but to heck with the rest of me! Fortunately, I only had 30 ft to run, so I didn't resemble a drowned rat when I got under cover.

    Anyone else worry about your H bag more than yourself?
  2. I do try to take good care of my H handbags, but I learned a long time ago I could easily make myself sick if I worried too much about damaging my nice things. The thing with luxury goods is (IMO) that they're great things to have, but they're just that, things. It's good to be careful, but you can't constantly worry "what if"
    and thank goodness for the rain kits being small enough and light enough to carry around inside your bag all the time!

    Hope this helps:smile:
  3. Just makes me laugh at myself.

    I'm a mom, so I'm always thinking about my daughter, and my puppy, and my SO, so maybe I need to re-balance a bit!

    I'm just not used to carrying a bag that will blister in the rain! Never had to worry about that with my LV.

    Togo next. Definitely!
  4. Deep breathes...it's just new. But, Ingenue Sophie is correct...it's just a thing. You are more important than a bag. (Just keep an umbrella in your car.) BTW...I didn't know they could blister. I've been caught in the rain so many times! Maybe that will help. Never has happened to me.
  5. oregonfanlisa, I don't think clemence will blister - that's box.

    I could be wrong, but I think clemence is pretty hardy, like togo, just not as slouchy and a little firmer. Anyway, the blue jean must be gorgeous. Try to enjoy her. Eventually it will get easier ;)
  6. I'm like this with my other bags - when they're new. But I still think carrying a dust bag or some other protection is a good idea!
  7. Try to keep an umbrella in the car, but they tend to grow legs. Need another trip to the Dollar Store! At least the price is right! Non?

    I thought I read somewhere that Clemence would blister! That would be so great it I read that wrong! Would take some of the edge off.
  8. LIsa, I think Clemence might even be better in the rain than Togo. No worries. :smile:
  9. Lisa,

    From all that I have read and heard, clemence is great in the rain. Like my SA said, Birkins are meant to be used...
  10. Don't they come with a rainkit AND a dustcover?
  11. My clemence and togo bags have been carried in the rain...they dried off fine...

    Enjoy your bag!!!
  12. oregonfanlisa my bag is clemence. it gets wet all the time. i dry it off when i get inside, but take no precaution to protect it when i'm outside. yes, i dry it on myself if i have no other option, so i can definitely relate to "bag first" lol. but clemence does not blister. i mean i've never submerged mine... lol but it's crazy durable. :flowers: :flowers:
  13. :yes: I definitely know where you are coming from. I've been known to stick my bag inside my coat to avoid the rain. (Mostly my LVs to avoid water spots...both my H bags are Clemence and it is hardy!)
  14. Oh this is excellent news! Thank you ladies! I knew you'd get me.
  15. Use her raincoat.