I worked a whole summer,and I got...

  1. I am now a proud owner of a Damier Speedy 30 :yahoo:.I had a part time job this summer,and I saved enough money to buy her,and so save a good amount in the bank for college next year :smile: . She is gorge!. Now I am a brand new Damier Canvas convert!. I just love the way she looks!,words cant explain how I am crazed about her!:love:. Im just so upset that I will have to wait a couple of days to use her due to the fact im going to the Pocono's tommorow ,and its going to rain around here for a couple of days:crybaby:.Im leaving there tommorow afternoon,and getting back monday..im going to miss this place:crybaby: I left a picture of her attached :love:,and a picture of me carrying her:love: .
    daimiersporting.jpg damier56534.jpg
  2. Congratulations! I commend you for saving some money away for college and getting something you love! Plus you didn't go into debt for the lovely bag! Congrats!!!!!!!
  3. congrats! i :heart: the damier speedy!
  4. Awww... CONGRATS!!! :heart:.
  5. Congratulations, I love hearing stories like yours! You'll always adore that bag because you worked hard for it.
  6. I know exactly how you are feeling, i just got mine a couple days ago.....:love: Heres my pic


    You know, you can take it out in the rain with you, since its dark brown leather...no worries. Did you see the thread where someone spilled hot chocolate all over it & after she wiped it off there was no trace of damage...its hassle free!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations and Enjoy!!!
  8. Way to go girl!!!! Congrats!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  9. aawww... i feel happy too after reading that post.. makes me want to go to LV shop and buy another bag again... :smile: congratss!!
  10. Congratulations! Enjoy your new bag. It is really beautiful. =D
  11. yaaay congrats on your hard earned damier speedy!!
  12. dont u just love it when you worked really hard and got something outta it? great!
  13. I am so happy for you both ! :yahoo:
  14. :yahoo:Congrats, that is awesome you saved up money to get it. But I can't see the pic with you wearing it:sad:

    It looks gorgoeus though
  15. Great bag!! Congrats!! After working all summer, you deserve it:smile: