I work too much...but still have time for Bal ;)

  1. Hi Ladies,
    It's been a while since I haven't post a new thread : too much work:sad: ...
    (and also a new BF:girlsigh:)...

    And for the moment, I can't spend a lot of time here :crybaby:and participate as I did in a recent past...

    But I haven't lost my love for Bal or forget my Bal pfers:heart:.

    Here are the latest additions I had to share with you:flowers: ...

    City Violet FW07.jpg Day Marine SS07.jpg Day Bronze FW05.jpg
  2. OMG!!!! Crazy cool colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM ALL!
  3. [​IMG] WHOAA!!! :nuts:THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! :heart: Is it a metallic Bronze Day??

    When did those come out and where on earth did you get it!!
  4. I love your charms!
  5. Thanks FrozenA : I love your first Chanel too !
    Jbugs59 : you are right it's 05 Bonze Day :smile: !
    Thanks Ahertz : the charms are from LV...but I love those with Bal violet ;) !
  6. Congrats on your bags AND your busy life! :yes:
  7. That bronze is gorgeous!!! I was lusting after one for a while, but then got nervous that it was too flashy, but now that I see your picture it's not at all! Bronze goes back on the wishlist!!
  8. Gorgeous bags!!

    love them all!!
  9. Thanks Southof F , but I really hope my life will back to normal soon (at least for Work ;) !

    Kimberf : Bronze is gorgeous IRL...but I understand your concern since I'm not sure it will match with my " classic and boring" wardrobe for work...

    Lothlorien : Love your Antra too:love:!
  10. love them all, congrats!! :biggrin:
  11. beautiful choices... i love the colours, especially combined. it's a damn shame you can only wear one bbag at a time, huh? ;)
  12. Beautiful additions!! I've seen those LV keychains around and they get cuter each time I see them! lol how long before you share the deep purse addiction with the boyf? It took me 2 years to share!
  13. Hey, I can tell you've been busy with Bbags as always ;). I love your Blue Day! Is that a blueberry or marine?
  14. Thanks RoseMary, Evilarchtect, and Virtual Shopper (it's a Marine Day)

    Well, only few weeks here...
    but he's not an expert yet...and so...he didn't offered a Bal for my Bday:p
    Dentelle Speddy + Ludlow.jpg
  15. Beautiful new bags! It's nice to know you're still around; you have one of my favourite collections on here!