I wore the right shoes last night!

  1. Whenever I go somewhere that I don't expect to end up, I ALWAYS am wearing the WORST shoes for it. Well last night (Saturday night, so I was NOT wearing the appropriate -anything- not that it matters) my boyfriend and I went to a fair that had just opened up that opens up every year but you know, we decided to go while we were driving to go out for dinner because we'd get drinks later (it was early) so it was on a whim definitely!
    I mean I was walking around on grass and dirt-- I was in strappy high heels! I almost wore this really uncomfortable but GORGEOUS pair that I have thinking we were just going out for dinner and drinks. I am SO glad I didn't wear those because I don't know what would have happened to me. But yeah, out of any shoes that I have that look really really good, I definitely was wearing the right ones. If I planned it I would have worn closed toe and I know those would eventually start to hurt me but I'd figure they'd be best. I own like 1 pair (literally) of flat shoes.

    Anyway I thought I'd share. I try to buy only comfortable shoes but in most cases I'm sacrificing style for comfort =\ But yeah this never happens to me-- I always am wearing the worst shoes for something if I go someplace not planned like that, especially a FAIR!
  2. Haha :p