I wore my LVOE brooch on my jacket today and I got a lot of puzzled looks...

  1. It's a huge and very noticeable brooch!!!

    Most people at my workplace said to me, "what does that pin say?" They all know I love LV, but couldn't recognize the logo I guess. When I tried to tell them it spelled LOVE, I got the "glazed over" look.

    Oh well.

    Anyone else experience something similar???
  2. How does one not recognize that it's spelled Love?
    i would love to have that brooch.
    i wish they made a pendant as well.
  3. It so pretty though!:nuts: I would love to have this brooch.
    I'm sure it looked great.:yes:
  4. I'm thinking about getting this brooch .... it is simply beautiful!

    They probably couldn't see that it spelled "LOVE" because they may not be die hard LV lovers like some of us here are? :shrugs:
  5. It is so pretty :smile: I bought it off of elux.

    But, I mean, c'mon, it's LoVe!!! Why couldn't they see that?
  6. I think you need to be part of the "in" crowd to get it! Wear it in good health!
  7. I think it's cute and I love it/
  8. Not that many people really know LV.
  9. You know, I started realizing this too (at least where I live).

    You would think though that even if they they didnt get the LV part.... it isnt that hard to get LOVE outta the letters.

    People are funny sometimes... :yes:
  10. ITA!!:yes: lol
  11. I rec'd some weird stares but I think the people were puzzled since the brooch was pinned to my Pochette.
  12. Exactly! It was as if they were saying, are you wearing some art piece or do you know what you are wearing? I don't know.

    But, I guess you are all right, most people don't know LV and if they do, they associate it with the fakes on the street, perhaps? I guess you do have to be in the know!

    So, does that mean we are all apart of a very cool club? hee hee!!
  13. people gave me the one-eyebrow-raised look when I toted speedy with lvoe bandeau...........


    they just don't know?
  14. any chance you could post a photo of the brooch on your jacket? TIA
  15. I'm not the OP but here's some pics of the brooch on a jacket: