I wonder...

  1. I have a question about how to clean Antigua and Denim products? Anyone know? I am curious.Thanks!;)
  2. Both Antigua canvas and denim are treated fabrics. It would depend on the type of stain you are cleaning. If its minor dirt, probably a light brushing of water with mild soap would do the trick, but for stains like oil, ink , and sauces with oils, I would consult the LV store nearest you.
  3. Thanks a lot:yes:. I really like these two lines, but I don't know how to treat the dirt.

  4. I just soaked my Antigua's white-off straps in water+soap and they did OK - not sparkly clean but much better. My Antigua it's brown so I dont need to wash it (yet) but the straps were due for a little bath :yes:
  5. Damp cloth.