I wonder why no one has bid on this Marron Twiggy?

  1. i just bought it even though i am not a twiggy fan and the handles are a little dark. yikes!
  2. its such a good deal chi! congrats!

    try a little apple cleaner on a soft cloth on them, it worked with mine! same color too! just be gentle and careful!
  3. Hope you love it when it come Chigirl. It just looks loved.
  4. Congrats chi!!!!
    It's a beautiful bag!! Very good deal :heart: ;) :nuts: :yahoo:
  5. you crazy beast!! congrats chichi
  6. Well congrats, Chigirl! Did you already have your eye on it??
  7. Congrats, chi! You are gonna love this color. You might find that the handles are not as bad as they look, too.:flowers:
  8. thanks! i have been wanting a marron bag for awhile and i kept watching this bag but passing because of the style. i guess now that the price was right i figured that i could learn to like it. and even though the handles are dark, she does say excellent condition and she is a reputable seller of bbags (i think).
  9. Hey there, what's apple cleaner?
  10. i have a marron twiggy, i think its a colour that can handle darkened... handles, it adds to the look and character of it, and as for the leather on these babies....it's to die for, def the best leather i've ever seen on a bal bag
  11. Mocean - you didn't get any color loss from cleaning with the apple cleaner? Anytime I see color transfer I freak and chicken out, and I definitely did immediately see color transfer using the cleaner (heck, even using the conditioner, although not as much).
  12. WOW! nice color and the leather looks so thick . Congrats! Hey, do twiggys fit over the shoulder or are they just hand bags?
  13. the marron twigs seemed to have longer handles, mine fits over my shoulder, but my rouge twig doesn't....