I wonder when the Barneys sale is?

  1. I haven't been to Barneys in a month so I was wondering if anyone knew when the sale starts! Thanks!:P
  2. it's on now! i just went today!
  3. Is this just for Barneys in Southern CA? Or all Barneys nationwide? I better check with Barneys NY tomorrow!....was there this past weekend and the SAs said something about the sale not starting till mid-June or 2nd week of June. Hmm....
  4. anything good ally? was there anything in the co-op sections as well?
  5. co-op is on sale!
  6. It's on- the shoe selection at B's Madison was HORRIBLE. They put out those racks- and there was hardly anythingon them!!
  7. The shoe sale in the Barneys in BH was really good! I was in shoe heaven! Tons of Manolos, Chloe, Prada, Gucci, few Louboutin... I didn't look at anything else cuz I got there about an hour before closing and got way too excited w/ shoes.
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