I wonder what's in them...

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  1. :yahoo: saw these two packages under our christmas tree. been trying to get my dh to let me take a peek but he won't budge. anyway, i know there's a gucci in there but the lv is very prettily wrapped, as well. can't wait for christmas eve!!!! i'm hoping the lv is an azur speedy!

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  2. God that looks soooo tempting to open up!!!! :nuts:
  3. Lovely! Can't wait to see the pics. This site is going to be popping Christmas afternoon. :yahoo:
  4. john 5- you don't know how tempted i am. even just a tiny peek! but at the same time, i kinda like the element of suspense. will keep you posted on what's inside once i open it up.
  5. Wow, looovely presents. So evil to show the LV and Gucci boxes!!:drool: LOL. I got my mom a bag but I wrapped it with regular christmas wrapping so she doesn't even know it's a bag. :P
  6. OMG....x'mas will be a blast for u i'd bet .... :smile:
  7. wowow...wish boxing day is tmr
  8. Ugh, I wouldn't be able to wait that long :Push:, last year hubby didn't even show me my package untill it was time to unwrap, how do you do it :nuts:
  9. congrats! make up mama! Great DH you have there! I usually buy my own bags as gifts and have my DH pay for it. I think it would be fun to have your DH actually choose the gift. (with a lot of hint hint from us) LOL
  10. Congrats.
  11. What a tease your DH is!:P That would be tough to resist, but I think it will be a wonderful Christmas for you! :yahoo:
  12. Wow. That would be sooooooo tempting. You are going to have a wonderful Christmas.
  13. OOOh.. wonder what's inside. :biggrin:
  14. mine is wrapped! but either way, i can still feel the lining of the box!
  15. Man oh Man- where's superman when you need him.. with that X-ray vision:search: