I wonder what % of LV's sales can be...

  1. attributed to this forum? I'd love to know the number of people purchasing all over the world who claim to either post in or lurk this forum.:lol:
  2. I'll tell you mine, 95%. I first started ONLY wanting the Manhattan GM. I thought that bag was soo extravagant and so expensive that it would satiate me and complete my designer bag desire. I just wanted one nice designer bag, and I really thought that would be it. But when I got it, it set me off on a rather perplexing and dangerous insatiable addition. Since then I've purchased FIVE more LV bags!! And all of this happened only a few months ago, beginning in March. I attribute lurking on this forum, and later joining to those 5 purchases.
  3. i thought i would be happy with my BH and that it would satisfy me...since then(and its only been 5 days) i picked up a cerises pochette cles which i am waiting patiently for. see what 5 days can do
  4. Lol yeah LV owes this forum A LOT!!!:yes:

    I've only been a member for a few months and I've already bought 3 LV's which I wouldn't have bought if it hadn't have been for this forum!

    I think LV should make all purse forum members VIP's and send us a free bag every year:tender:.

    Lol who's with me!?
  5. :yahoo:I am!
  6. me me me! :yahoo:
  7. I don't know the percentage but I am definitely one of those people! Thanks to PF, I've got a second mortgage on my house but at least the SAs at LV now know my name!!!:lol:
  8. Absolutely! I got 2 LVs in one swoop after finding this forum by accident (looking for more info on an IF hobo!!).
  9. i stumbled in the PF on accident ( looking for info in a speedy 30 & 35 ) and already i am in trouble...
    i bought the speedy 30 a few weeks ago, now think i need a speedy 35 and can't stopping thinking about it.. :weird:
    then i wanted a BH and ordered it from elux along with the beige inclusion keychain..
    then i was looking through the past posts and saw the panda keychain & fell in love... found one and love it :love:
    then i found a great deal on a pre-:heart: 'ed Cabas Piano after seeing someone out with one.
    this all happened within 3 weeks.... :girlsigh:

    :sos: this forum can be trouble, but i'm not leaving anytime soon!!
  10. I dunno.. but I think some LV rehab would do me good !!
  11. I dont think the PF influenced me to buy more than I do, but it has helped alot in being very informative in my purchasing. I think the pictures posted on how various bags looks on others and what they like or dont like about a certain bag. Its nice to meet other people who share the same feelings for bags like we do.:yahoo:
  12. I'm with you!:lol:
  13. i guess a lot . that's why they put an ad in this forum :P
  14. I totally agree with you...:yes:
  15. You are all terrible influences!!! Poor little me NEVER would have bought so many new babies if it weren't for this forum. I never knew about things like s/o's, limeted edition pieces & wait lists until I joined.
    That's my story & I'm sticking too it. ;)