I wonder what happend with the stamp on that bag?

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  2. Berkeley: it is kinda strange... the stamp is sort of blurry... Maybe the bag has been re-colored? I once saw an H wallet that has been re-colored, and it has the same characteristic. You should check with the seller.
  3. I have been wondering what the heck happened there too.
    Good luck checking with the seller on that, LOL! Don't get me wrong, I love her but in my opinion getting details on items she's selling is sort of like blood from a stone. A really, really non-bloody stone. :p
  4. Maybe the previous owner used a product on the leather that somehow smudged the area. I've purchased from this seller before with stellar results, items have always been better than described and they are quick with responding to questions, etc.
  5. But if you see me with this bag , would you think it is fake ?
    I used to "Hermes perfection" and if there is some "little something" then I think it is fake :sad:
  6. Berkeley - If this stamp bothers you, don't get it. Nevermind what others think about the bag. Buy something only if it pleases you.
  7. Yes...you right...thank you very much girls!
  8. If the overall bag looks authentic, I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes the grain gets in the way of the stamp being perfect. I think the first impression that someone will have of seeing you carrying the bag will be the color,shape, stitching, leather etc. The stamping will be the least of it unless someone really is taking a hard look at it. If you really have doubts about authenticity, post more pics on the authenticity thread.
  9. Perhaps the photo has been edited? I would ask for additional photos, or search her completed auctions, as I've seen this listing up for the past couple weeks.
  10. To me it looks as if the bag has been cleaned and somehow the stamp area has been missed out, perhaps for fear of rubbing off the gold lettering?
    I wouldn't think it's a fake because the bag as a whole just yells "I was born in Paris" but if it bothers you, you shouldn't get it.
    Ditto Cynthia on this seller disclosing or paying attention to small details.