I wonder if you experts could help me pick a 20th anniv ring?

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  1. Yes, I'm picking out my own ring. My husband, god love him, could not pick out jewelry for me and he knows it. He knows I love antique rings, and took the time to actually google 20th anniversary gifts (platinum and emerald) and suggested I buy myself an estate platinum and emerald ring. That was my surprise, so then I began the hunt.

    Uh...I didn't get far because you see, our budget is under $700. I scoured ebay, found a few, but none really "spoke" to me as of yet. The ones that take my breath away are twice my budget, or more.

    So then I decided...ok, how about just platinum, no emerald, since some anniversary gift lists don't include emerals anyway. Wikipedia just says platinum. Other lists say emeralds are for 55th anniversary, so I'm confused on that anyway.

    So then I started looking into Tiffany, etc. which must be how I stumbled upon this forum. I can't even remember how, but I spent quite a while reading this forum last night.

    The classics like Cartier trinity ring and Tiffany 1837 do appeal to me.

    So I thought I'd just lay out my wish list here, and see what you jewelry buffs come up with.

    - 20th anniversary, so platinum preferred. If not platinum, then white gold.
    - Something classic, that can be handed down to my daughters, and grandchildren some day. I have - and wear daily - my grandmothers anniversary ring, so this is very important to me.
    - The clencher, and what makes the search difficult - under $700
    - maybe emeralds, but not required

    Suggestions very welcomed!!
  2. How about one of these Tiffany Emerald-shaped cocktail rings? They are $800, which might be a little more than you want to spend, but I just thought I'd mention them anyways bc I think they are so gorgeous. They are offered in amethyst, praseolite, citrine, (and also smoky quartz, although not on the website for some reason).

    Amethyst $800

    Praseolite $800

    Citrine $800

    Also, Blue nile has a channel-set anniversary band within your budget that goes half-way around.

    Channel-set anniversary band $670
  3. I recommend Blue Nile as well. I got their version of the toile band and it was 2/3 less than Tiffany's. They have some very pretty things on the site at good prices. I've also gotten good deals at Overstock.com.
  4. ahertz, I love that emerald ring! That is just what I'm talking about, right up my alley. I'm going to research that one more.

    Another question, whenever I look up "anniversary rings" at jewelry sites they are always bands, like wedding bands. Do people wear those alone, without an enagegement ring? I was really thinking of wearing this ring on my right hand. Would a band look too lonesome by itself?
  5. no, they can be stacked or stand alone - no rules.
  6. Agree - stacks are pretty. I just have short fingers so they don't look great on me. And go with what you want, not with what some supposed rules say. If you want emeralds, get emeralds...
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    Do you want a band or a more of a ring to wear on the right hand?

    ID Jewelery is supposed to have nice things and they have some nice bands in the budget, w/ emeralds:



    Are you opposed to a lab grown emerald- not created, but lab grown? There is a website that has some really nice looking emeralds that are natural, just grown in a lab w/ reasonable prices too.


    They have solitaire settings starting at $200, so you could get a pretty large emerald solitaire ring for your budget.

    Also, Jewels By Erica Grace has semimounts and you could buy the semi-mount and then order a stone to fit the mount you wanted, if you liked the cultured emerald idea and have the antique factor you wanted. The diamond antique setting for $350 is pretty, as is the reproduction Ingwer for $550. You'd still have the budget to order the emerald to fit the setting.
  8. What I was thinking too, the Sparklers series. They are very special and make an impression, definitely gorgeous and bling for an anniversary, and really good price too. My personal favorite is the green amethyst/praseolite.
  9. We ended up going in a COMPLETE different direction. Not an antique, but nothing traditional either. Quite unusual for an anniversary ring. Here is what we ordered http://www.gemvara.com/Platinum-Ring-by-Gemvara-Essentials/jewelry/v/926557/

    This is not a ring I normally would have ever chosen. But I'm really on board with it now, and here's why. My husband, who I thought had no interest at all in this ring, sat down at the computer last night and searched rings for about 3 hours. Turns out, he cared after all! He really had his heart set on platinum, the traditional 20th anniversary gift. Well, with our budget, that doesn't leave anything in the budget left for diamonds. So, we were headed in the direction of platinum and emerald (also sometimes considered a 20th anniversary gift).

    So he found gemvara and began playing with all their customization options. This ring really appealed to him for some reason. It's not a ring that I normally would have been drawn to. But all the sudden, it dawned on me that the ring suddenly became meaningful because he liked it so much, and that he cared enough to be doing this research after all. So we sat side by side for over an hour, playing with the gemvara rings, but he kept coming back to this one.

    About this time, my youngest daughter came in and said "Well it's not fair that you are getting emeralds because that is (oldest daughter's) birthstone. So you need to add sapphires to, for me."

    Bingo, suddenly the ring got even more meaningful. We've got the platinum for the 20th anniversary, and the birthstones of the best things that came out of the marriage :smile:

    OK, so I do actually have a question too. Based on the dimensions, I think this ring is going to be pretty small. Probably as thin as a thin stacking ring. So I'm thinking of adding something to it. I was thinking I could get a thin white gold band for about $200. do you think that would look good with it? If not, what would you stack it with?
  10. Congratulations! That is a great story! You have to post modeling pics when it arrives.
  11. i love really thin bands they're so feminine, and you can always stack! I think a very thin white gold or platinum band would look beautiful with it. I prefer all my stackers to be the same thickness or close, but everyone has their own individual styles :biggrin:
    thats a beautiful and unique anniversary present, your husband did a wonderful job!
  12. Aw, that's such a great story! It has all your family member's hearts rolled into one beautiful ring. :smile:
  13. I think that ring is going to be very special! Can't wait to see modelling pics!
    Did they give an estimate of when it would arrive?

    I would wait until I had the ring in hand before purchasing anything else to go with it. It might be perfect!
  14. Love the ring (unique) and love the story!!!