i wonder if the seller knows about the shipping price

  1. HA. What is that? some kind of joke? Maybe the thing secretly weights 500lbs?

    But I'm sure the buyer has seen the shipping price. well...i hope...

    I thought that wasn't allowed
  2. OMG is this seller serious ??
  3. I have reported this - Maybe if we all report it, it will get pulled. Help guys! I don't want an unsuspecting person to get hit with this.
  4. It's prob. a typo. In his other auctions the shipping fee is normal.
  5. I e-mailed the seller - should be interesting to see if there is a response.
  6. Whether it's a typo or not it needs to be changed.
  7. I've seen stuff like this sooo many times, especially with electronics... I almost fell into that trap when I was looking to buy one of those electronic picture frames. It was like "Omg what a great deal... wait... $300 shipping!? WHAT!?" It sucks because these auctions rarely get pulled from what I've seen though I'd assume this is against eBay's policies.
  8. I guess the package will be delivered using private jet..

    I think it's a typo..will contact seller..
  9. That bag has been on Ebay for quite sometime- it started off at 1200.00 and has been re-listed three of four times. Something shady about it, I remember because I emailed him asking some questions the first time it was listed over a month ago.
  10. He or she changed it..I contacted the seller earlier.. no thank you ..nothing...lol "good" sign..
  11. I messaged him and he e-mailed me back saying sorry for the misprint... maybe mine got to him first? Anyway, at least it's fixed! :smile:
  12. $820 down to $25. Thats a reasonable shipping price. :smile:
  13. shipping says 25.00 $ now
  14. The listing was removed.