I Wonder if Joy Gryson was Responsible for this MJ bag??

  1. I know that Joy Gryson was the head of design at MJ before she branched out and produced her own line of bags. I've heard that she's the genius behind some of our favorite styles - Stella, Venetia, Sophia. I remember this bag and I never really cared for it (I think it was that oyster-lock on the front pocket), but looking at it now, I wonder if this was designed by Joy Gryson, and where she got her inspiration for the Olivia and Skye bags. If you really look at it, they're very close.
  2. I see it. I like the details better on the Skye and Olivia but it could be their prototype (or whatever you call it :smile:.
  3. Shoptwigs have a large collection too and if you use the SANGRIA code (on Spring bags) you can save 200.00 on a woven Skye.


    That bag certainly has some hints of Joy in it but I don't care for it as much as Grysons.