I wonder how much this costs

  1. A white Suhali Jewelry box!

    I remember the MC one in the Neimans X mas catalog was like $44k?
  2. Stunning piece !!!
  3. :blink: GASP!!
  4. Wow!! I could only dream!!!!
  5. wow, that is amazing!
  6. That really shows the amazing craftsmanship of LV, it is stunning.
  7. :shocked:
  8. WOW!!! That would be a great gift!
  9. It's definitely gorgeous. I'm in the market for a new jewelry box, but I think I'm going to JC Penney for mines.
  10. wow, it's beatuful! I wonder what the price tag for that really is....
  11. Yeah, it was something like 40000$ in the NM christmas book - I definitely drooled over it for days !
  12. gorgeous!
  13. so cute
  14. Wow, that is gorgeous! I want it. Not that I have any jewlery worthy of putting in it, though.
  15. :shocked: :heart:
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