I wonder how Inclusion bracelets are made?

  1. Any crazy (or valid) ideas?! :p

    I think: the coloured inside band of plastic slightly melted at the surface and the gold LV's and Swarovski crystals are embedded on the band while the plastic is still slightly soft. Then they let the plastic set, and they cover it with a clear plastic and polish it round and shiny.

    The reason why I think they're embedded by melting is because sometimes I see crystals that are half inside coloured band...and for the gold monogram it's as if every little piece has a little "knob" on the bottom that is embedded into the inner plastic, so that it has a "floating" effect.
  2. I have a friend who makes jewelry and when I showed her pictures of the iclusion she said that is extremedly easy to do and very cheap :huh: I don't know if I should belive her...
  3. Yeah I think your method is right, Karman!

    Antonio-have your friend try to make something similar then post pics. ;) :graucho:
  4. ^^^^^

    Are they made in FRANCE ?
  5. ya, that's how I think too and I agree with Antonio.
    I've had some art and woodworking lessons in highschool and we had this project where we could do anything we wanted. I built a japanese house and wanted to use the clear plastic thing (top layer of inclusions) to coat a layer of white sand and seashells, but my teacher was like, "NO! that stuff is highly toxic when wet or in the drying process! there are toxic fumes and I don't want to kill all my students yet!!!" lol
  6. I dunno, doesn't say except on the velvety pouch... but I think it's JUST the pouch that's made in France. The bijoux themselves have nothing carved on except for a few (eg. haircubes)
  7. ^^ When I got my Pomme Inclusion GM, the little tag that has the model name and number on it had a "Made in France" sticker stuck on the back, so I believe they are made in France.
  8. Yeah I think so too, all my Inclusions are made in France.
  9. When I got my clear inclusion, there was the tag that said made in France. I hope they're handmade!
  10. I also remember the tags/sticker thing saying "made in France" :yes:
  11. i'm dying for an amarante bracelet... these are so gorgeous! i'm thinking you're right, though karman... that does seem like how they're made.
  12. I would imagine that the liquid plastic (or whatever it's made out of, I've never touched one) is poured into a mold and the little crystals and gold pieces are sprinkled in there while it is being poured and then they cool it to harden.

    ...I guess the same way chocolate is made, lol
  13. My bf owns a manufacturing company and he told me that the raw materials (resin, gold plated LVs and Swaorski crystals) are fairly cheap and thats all he say .. He say all LV costume Jewlery are overpriced raw materials wise .. he dont think is worth it.. but too bad his gf is addicted to it !!

    I am going to ask him after his business trip and see if he knows how this are made..
  14. Your friend is correct. :yes:
  15. no doubt lv is earning alot from selling the inclusion stuff considering the cost price of the raw materials, but i'm amazed at how the gold lvs & swarovski crystals are embedded therein.