I wond this on ebay last night..adorable...old Holiday wristlet

  1. I am loving this cute wristlet from a few years ago that I wanted and won on eBay last night. It seemed authentic and the seller was very nice It had tags and he had a 100% Rating. Hope that it is real. Would be harder to copy, as it is intricate. It was a 98 dollar wristlet originally and 2 people were bidding it up, so I waited until about 5 minutes before the auction was over and had my limit. I got it for 40 dollars less than original price. They had wristlets left at JAX but no totes...sold out. It was a really cute Tartan plaid winter bookbag or tote. Lightweight. Nicer than some of them this year. I am dying to find style 5179 Do any of you have that patchwork? I looked all over eBay and could not find one. I will wear it alone or with my older cute signature pink suede and siggie Gallery tote from two years ago which I love..Too bad I could not find the medium punch tote...That goes too. Do any of you have this tote like the wristlet...Thanks!!!

  2. Congrats.
  3. Congrats, how cute.
  4. I was watching that, i couldn't bring my self to bid on it since i had just brought a new wristlet saturday. But I do love the pink plaid on that patchwork.
  5. cute wristlet! congrats on winning
  6. this one you won is the outlet version of that patchwork. it was in the outlets holiday 05. the original boutique version was in stores for holiday 04.

    I have the boutique version and it's my absolute favorite coach bag. the difference in the pattern is on yours where there is the black tweed/wool patch up in the corner, mine has either white leather or white suede. and mine doesn't have the gold and brown mini sig, it has pewter metallic leather. but mine has the pink signature, the black and pink plaid, the green, and it has burgundy patent trim and a hot pink interior. I love it!

    VERY good find for you, they've gotten to be pretty rare on ebay!
  7. 5786 is the style number for the exact match for your wristlet.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Very pretty congrats!
  10. OOOH where can I get that? The distribution center told me the number on the tag was made for the outlets. I thought it was the coach holiday boutique booktote, for this girl had pink straps...on hers..really pretty, is it yours and what is it called in case I ever find it on ebay? Thank you....
  11. Thank you, just called Coach and they did not have that bag...But thanks so much!!!!!
  12. I want it , I have to have it, obsessed with it....lol
  13. I found that pic on bag borrow or steal, but keep an eye on ebay, they show up every now and then!
  14. Very cute! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. that one is the outlet version. here's what mine looks like, this is the boutique version