I won this!

  1. Congrats!!!:biggrin: I thought it was a good price and looked new.
  2. Congratulations! The partition is really cute. :love:
  3. Congrats, really cute. I guess it fits alot more than wapity..
  4. Thats really cute! Congrats. I love the thrill of an ebay win!
  5. CUTE!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  6. Congrats.
  7. That is really cute and unique....great find!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats !
  10. I love that it's bigger than a wapity and, with S&H included, about the same price as one! And I love the no sales tax part. I've never bought anything off of ebay and I probably won't again unless I want another discontinued item. :love:

    Thanks SO MUCH to Lee69 and windykat for helping me authenticate this. :yes:
  11. :biggrin: You're more than welcome.NO TAX is always a BIG plus!!!!
  12. Congrats! It's so cute!
  13. I haven't seen that bag before. Its too cute :P

  14. congrat's