I won these Frye's on ebay.....I need your opinions please...

  1. So I won this pair of frye's on eBay and the auction stated "they are gently worn". Well I got them and first of all the seller sent them in one of those priority shoe boxes, so she folded them over in shipping - they were not laid flat. Then I open them up and put them on and IMO, they are more than GENTLY WORN. First they are pretty scratched up and one shoe top is a darker color than the other.......I have no idea what she did........it's almost as if one had gotten wet or something and ruined it cuz they are supposed to be suede and well suede is soft/fuzzy but the darker shoe is not soft at all........it's almost just smooth like leather would be.

    so what do you think........are these pretty banged up IYO or just gently worn?? Also for those who own these, do they look like this after a few wears..........just trying to figure out if this is normal wear or not.

    And since she didn't mention the tops of the shoes were different colors, I wouldn't have bid on them or paid as much as i did. What should I do??

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. They look gently worn to me. Suede always shows the slightest wear much more than smooth leather. I have bought suede boots that were a little different in color too, unfortunately. They are cute boots!
  3. They are nice but if you think they were misdescribed you should tell they seller they are not as expected and ask for a refund. I cant see details from the pics but if you feel the description was wrong you should contact the seller...good luck
  4. well she said she wore them for a night on the town.........so guessing maybe something was spilled on one of them ;)

    here's a better pic of the toes of the boots:

  5. I have the exact same boots - Frye Villager Lace in Espresso - bought them off of Bluefly and even though new, they had a worn in look to them with lots of variation in the suede, although variations were over both boots, not just one. Plus after I wore them a couple of times, every little bump and scratch showed. I assumed that was the way they were supposed to be and got used to it. It is hard to tell from the photo, is it really noticible? Email and let her know - maybe she will provide a discount or offer another solution.
  6. ^^oh okay so that's the "look" of them........well that makes me feel better then. I have never owned boots like this before so I wasn't sure. I know my other frye's (harness) don't look like this (but then I haven't spilled anything on them - hehe) so wanted to check.
  7. I also have the same boots (also from Bluefly!) and they were already 'distressed' looking like that when I got them. I also got the lighter brown version and they're distressed, too. They are supposed to have that vintage-y, boho look, like you found them in a great little vintage boutique somewhere--I think it improves the look of the boot myself, since you don't get that witchy/renaissance faire boot look like you do with some other lace-up boots that are all shiny! :p

    The other nice thing is that you can walk around in them without worrying that a bit of dirt or moisture will completely ruin the look!
  8. Hard to tell from the pictures but I have those boots and they are VERY distressed even brand new.
  9. k thanks everyone I wasn't sure........now just have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can wear these!

  10. LOL! "witchy/renaissance fair" that is so true!
  11. They look cute, I to believe that's the way they are supposed to look.
  12. I also have these boots and I've never worn them out of the house and that's how mine look.
  13. cute boots!
  14. Those are cute as hell...:tup:...I love that look.
  15. They're good because you can wear them with tights or jeans in winter, but they are casual looking enough that you can wear them with a little skirt or jeans/shorts in summer too. :tup: