I won - Seller Wants to Charge Xtra Shipping

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  1. I won a bag on eBay. The seller was really sweet. She had only 2 feedback so I was scared item wasn't authentic but she called me & assured me. I asked her to insure for full replacement cost UP TO the amount I had paid for shipping. She ended up paying $25 more to ship the item than what I paid for, then asked me what I wanted to do about it. I want to be nice because she turned out to be honest (I got the bag & it is good) but she shouldn't have shipped it with the extra insurance (should have bought insurance for what I paid, not retail value of bag). Should I offer her $10 extra for being sweet and honest? Or tell her she should have asked me before paying the extra and then wanting me to pay for it?
  2. Honestly it is her mistake, and she can't ask you for any more money...but I think if it were me and I got a great deal I would send her $10 to cover the extra shipping. But it is really your choice, you aren't obligated to pay anymore.
  3. agree with above
  4. ITA with the other posts - she probably didn't quite understand what you meant with the insurance and if l was delighted with the bag would offer to pay $10 as part of the Christmas spirit. I would also let her know as a newbie that insurance is a definate up to the value of the buyers payment not the retail value.- to prevent her from possibly doing the same thing.
  5. I agree with the above also, it seems like it would be the decent thing to do & I think you'd feel better about it also.
    Happy Holidays!
  6. If I got a good deal on the purse and the buyer turned out to be so sweet and honest, I would just pay her what she asked, even if it ws $25 or just spilt the difference. It sounds as if she did not understand the directions. E-mails can be confusing.

    It is Christmas and whatever happened to generousity of spirit????
  7. Yea. If she actually did pay 25 more on shipping than she told you.
    I will pay half of it if you got a good deal of the bag.

    I always insure the bag I sold for the what I paid for it. If I paid 1000 and sold for 500, I still insure it for 1000. Because if they loss it, I have the receipt to prove how much I paid for the bag and they will refund me everything.
  8. Yeah I would give her $10. I would let her know that the PO would have given you the $ you paid on the auction, not the retail price. They need to see proof of what was paid. Sounds like she was trying to be really helpful which is rare on eBay.
  9. She sounds like a sweet seller. I would pay the $10.
  10. If you agree with its condition and you are happy, most def. split the difference, in the spirit of a good eBay deal and the holidays.
  11. That would be really nice of you!
    One time I underestimated the cost of shipping some books to Canada...I quoted them only $15 and it ended up costing $27. I emailed just to let her know, kind of hoping she'd offer a little extra (I wouldn't have taken it though, but the thought would have been nice) and she never emailed me back about it. Come to think of it, she never emailed about GETTING the books either. :push:
  12. I agree that it is her fault for miscalculating shipping, but that is very nice of you to pay $10. I had a nice buyer once that I low balled the shipping on. The buyer offered to pay me for the extra shipping and I told her no way, it was my error!
  13. Well, not your problem, but you do get to be nice to a sweet seller and to feel good about yourself for only 10 bucks. :smile:

    Christmas spirit and all! ;)
  14. i would personally pay the $10 if it turned out to be authentic! i would be ecstatic about my steal and would want to stay on good terms with that seller in the hopes that i can snag future deals or perhaps bargain with her in the future :smile:
  15. I agree, since she's a newbie, I'd give her another $10.