I won my Trouville auction!

  1. I'm so happy, i saved 50 pounds off the BIN price.. seller has accepted my best offer :biggrin:
    It's nearly new condition:love:

  2. I saw this bag :yes:
    Really nice, enjoy it.
    And post pics when you get it :amuse:
  3. Excellent! Congratulations, you'll love the bag!
  4. Congrats!!! Enjoy!!
  5. YAY!!! Enjoy it!!!
  6. Beautiful bag! I want one!
  7. Congrats!
  8. :yahoo:Thanks!!!
  9. Congrats!
    She's a beauty!
  10. Congrats! It's in such good condition too. :love:
  11. It's Beautiful.....I'm So Happy For You!
  12. congrats, that's a great bag!
  13. Congrats on your new beauty!
  14. Congrats!! It's a lovely bag :smile:
  15. nice
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