I won my MC Theda Auction!

  1. Had the aution authenticated by mypoupette and won today with a bid of $1051!!
    I'm so excited!!
    The best thing is that since I won it for less than I was willing to pay I decided I'm going to keep my monogram Alma :yes:
    I'm so excited!
    This bag has been on my want list since 2004!
  2. That's awesome!!!
  3. Congrats!! It's really nice!
  4. congratulations! its gorgeous
  5. Wow, that is a really pretty bag!! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  6. GREAT BAG!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  7. Congrats!!!!!
  8. Congrats! Lovely bag!
  9. Congrats.. :rochard: ROCK ON!!!
  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!
  11. What a deal!! I payed over $2000 for mine when it first came out. Congrats!
  12. It's Beautiful! Enjoy!
  13. Congrats, great bargain and lovely patina :smile:
  14. Congratulations! Great bag :smile:
  15. yay another theda buddy - i just get mine this week the monogram gm and i love it - i got it sooo cheap at about $860 or something ... its one of my fav bags
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