I won my holy grail bag!

  1. So...after much drama, I won a Lola on eBay!! :yahoo::wlae::happydance:

    I was originally going after a teal Lola w/the umbrella, but SOMEONE (a silent member, most likely) stole it out from underneath me. :cursing: WHATEVER!

    I won my Lola for $68! She's lightly used, but the seller sent me close-ups and she looks like she's in wonderful condition. Alas, the umbrella is missing, but I'm going to see if I can find another one through MJ (anyone ever tried this?) or just wait for one to pop up on eBay. I'll also be at the MJ store in Boston tomorrow. :whistle:

    I'm so so excited!!!!

    I'll post pics as soon as she arrives - she's black with that gorgeous teal suede lining.

    I'm still in the market for a teal or red Lola, though, so if anyone sees one, PM ME!!! :heart:

    *doing my little happy dance*
  2. Congratulations!!!!!!
  3. Yay! :woohoo: When a member posted that someone bought it I clicked on the link and I wondered if it was you. Now that you posted, 3 cheers for you! WOOHOO! :yahoo: Congrats and post pics when it arrives! :heart:
  4. weN - Someone posted that a PFer bought the black one? :p It was insane - there were NO bids, and then on the last day, one bid. Then in the last minute, there were 10 more bids! It was insanity. I thought I was going to lose it. Whew!!

    I guess it was meant to be. But this doesn't mean I won't be after that teal...or red...OMG...a red Lola. :drool:

    And if anyone sees an MJ umbrella that will fit into my compartment (is it just me or does that sound dirty?! :roflmfao:), let me know!!
  5. ^ Someone posted that the auction ended and was wondering if you won it knowing how much you wanted that bag. :smile: I was thinking it was you from the username but wasn't sure. Anyway, we'll definitely be on the lookout for more Lola's for you! :biggrin:

    Btw, would you know what measurement for the umbrella would fit? I saw a couple of really pretty colorful umbrella at Gap the other day and they were the small ones but I'm not sure if they would fit. You might wanna check that out? :yes:
  6. Congrats MPJ!!! The bag sounds fabulous. I LOVE suede lined bags.
  7. YAY! can't wait to see the pics! congrats!
  8. pix pix
  9. How exciting!! Congrats MPJ! I'm thrilled for you!:yahoo:
  10. Woo hoo!! Congrats!! I'm so happy you got her!! The lining is TDF. I'll keep a look out at my MBMJ to see if they have any umbrellas. I doubt that MJ would have them, but maybe MBMJ - they have tons of cute stuff!
  11. I am so happy for you, hope you find an umbrella!!
  12. :woohoo::woohoo: Congrats, such a great price wow, enjoy her and don't forget to post pix the lining sounds fab :smile:
  13. Congrats! You got a GREAT deal and a GREAT bag!
  14. :party: Yay you did get it, (I've been wondering since it ended)!!! I was so worried you didn't know about it, (my automated search didn't produce this bag because it wasn't listed by brand).

    It was me who was asking if you won it in the eBay deals and steals thread - I found the link 20 minutes before the end of the auction. I put in a low snipe bid just in case you were bidding on it, (go to the thread it explains it all).

    Can't wait to see more pics once it arrives - I'm so excited for you! :dothewave:
  15. :yahoo:Congrats MPJ!! It's been a good week for us. Post pics when you get it!!!