I WON AUD3000 from Cadbury

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  1. So I always got missedcalls from Sydney for 3 days and I never return back their calls until today when I was phone interviewing with Jetstar and they called me again. So I was thinking who the heck is this person?! I return their call and they ask my details...they told me that I won the AUD3000 for the daily winner 16 December 2006.

    I never thought I could win this kind of competition. SO I can buy some new LV now....mmmm let see...Damier Speedy 25? Shirley ? :yahoo:

    Just want to share my happiness...:sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats! Wow, people actually win those things?
  3. I never thought I could ever win...:sweatdrop: Im still shocked now

  4. :nuts: Congrats!!!!:yahoo: What about a Damier Speedy ...:graucho:
  5. wow! I've never won anything like that! Not even those raffle draws from office parties.... how sad is that?... Anyway, Congratulations!!! Happy holidays
  6. congratulations and happy shopping!
  7. ooo how much is that usd?
  8. Thanks guys...:wlae: its roughly USD2300
  9. wow!! congratulations.. go into the store and choose a couple things, well done..
  10. oh wow!!! congrats!!
  11. whooooooo... that's a lotta money! congrats! show us what you get soon!
  12. Yaaaayyy!!!! Congratulations!
  13. Thanks guys =) I will show some pics after i bought new LV, but could be 1 or 2 weeks later since they still processing the winner details
  14. Congratulations.
  15. btw cadbury chocolate is the best chocolate in the world!