I WON AUD3000 from Cadbury


LoVer et dreamer
Oct 28, 2006
So I always got missedcalls from Sydney for 3 days and I never return back their calls until today when I was phone interviewing with Jetstar and they called me again. So I was thinking who the heck is this person?! I return their call and they ask my details...they told me that I won the AUD3000 for the daily winner 16 December 2006.

I never thought I could win this kind of competition. SO I can buy some new LV now....mmmm let see...Damier Speedy 25? Shirley ? :yahoo:

Just want to share my happiness...:sweatdrop:
wow! I've never won anything like that! Not even those raffle draws from office parties.... how sad is that?... Anyway, Congratulations!!! Happy holidays