I won an ebay item but seller cannot ship to paypal unconfirmed address ! Help !

  1. Hi all,

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Item number:[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Verdana]290144854910[/FONT]

    Recently I won an eBay item (item no. 290144854910) which I believe I win at quite a good price. In the listing, it does not mention shipping to confirmed address only; and as an international buyer in Hong Kong, I never realize what is confirmed paypal address as I never have problem receiving my items with any address I like.

    After I paid for the item, the seller told me that my address was not paypal confirmed, and she said that she had requested this from me via an email which was sent to me after I won the bid.

    I asked Paypal for help but they told me accounts in Hong Kong can never have confirmed shipping address, even it is the same address as on the credit card statement.

    Now the seller is always asking for a refund to me, but I really like the item and I think I win at a good price, and I really feel it is very unfair treatment to me, what should I do ?
  2. The seller can't send to an unconfirmed address as this would void paypal protection I believe.
  3. go confirm your address.. on paypal.. this means the credit card address matches your shipping address
  4. Yep, tonij2000 is right. While the seller should have specified, I think you're going to lose out because she/he will probably rather take a negative than risk the cost of the item PLUS the bag in case anything goes wrong or you're a scammer (not that you are, but if the international buyer in general was)
  5. she can't. she's international. only certain countries can....US, Canada, and I believe UK at this point.
  6. oh sorry missed the whole confirmed HK thing. She wants to ship confirmed for protection i guess you can ask her to void that meaning if its lost its your fault
  7. You can't do that, either. Paypal would still side with the buyer if the buyer made a claim, even if the seller could show they had an agreement about liability.

    To the OP: If you really want the bag, find some other way to pay the seller--wire transfer and international money orders would work, but you then have to understand that you won't have any paypal protection or credit card chargeback protection. However, this would be better for the seller if you REALLY want the item and don't mind the risk.
  8. It will still be the seller's problem even if the buyer agrees. Plus, I think the real problem is that if the buyer were scamming her by using someone else's credit card, she won't be covered because she didn't ship to the billing address.
  9. Hi all,

    Thank you for your advice. I have checked with Paypal already, there is no chance that I can ever have my address confirmed with paypal because my account is in Hong Kong.

    I have even taken the effort to scan my statement with the address on to show the seller that the address is actually the same as on my statement.

    Afterall, she still sends me a refund without getting into furhter discussion with me. She is doing this to me without my consent.

    I understand I cannot force her to do anything, but truely I think that I am a victim in this case. I win the bag at a good price but now I dont get the bag because the seller is asking for something that is not possible.

    There is totally no protection for international bidder.
  10. I don't think the seller has the right to alter his auction terms after the auction is over. Some sellers state they ship only to a confirmed address (and therefore lose all international business, except Canada and the UK, and all other countries can not get their addresses confirmed, believe me I've tried to get an individual exception here - they don't do it) - so if it's stated, it's ok to refund the unconfirmed buyer.
    If the seller hasn't specified payment methods and/or just states for example "paypal accepted", you are allowed to pay with your legitimate account, confirmed, verified or not.

    The seller can however refuse to send the item despite your legitimate payment, to prevent the hassle in the unlikely event of the item disappearing despite tracking and insurance etc., but I'd report that seller to eBay as a non-performing seller (or whatever it's called, I've never had that problem). But it probably won't get you the item.

    Good luck!
  11. Hi, thank you for your support. I will definitely fight for my rights. Though I cannot get the item, it does not mean that I will just sit here ! The NPS should be reported !
  12. If the auction states they will ship to hong kong and you cant confirm an address in HK then just pay for the bag... She will probably just ship it to you... If they have a problem just let them know it cant be confirmed... or you could send a wire or money order in US funds.
  13. I understand why you are upset, but as a seller who got scammed by an international buyer (around $500), I see the seller's side too. She should have listed that in her auction though.
  14. I think she did pay for it and the seller refunded already.
  15. I think the seller should have clarified her terms within in the body of the auction. She only mentions shipping to confirmed addresses in response to a question. However, it is her perogative not to sell it to you and I can see where she's coming from in wanting seller protection for a pricey item. Good luck to you!